“2018 : Mai gets floor bronze, Gelya gets 4th, people think that Gelya deserves bronze 2019 : Gelya gets bronze, Flavia gets 4th, people think that Flavia deserves bronze 2020 : Flavia gets bronze, someone get 4th, …… The pattern goes on……”


Gorgeous team China for Anta

Source: Anta


Chen Yile receives the award for Best Female Athlete of the 2018 Asian Games at the 2019 ANOC awards, congratulations! She looks stunning <3

Source: Anoc, Xinhuanet,


if  anyone wants to watch the rd with me, i’m streaming it on twoseven! make sure u have the twoseven extension on your browser downloaded and unblock http content. i have guide on how to do it:


Extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/twoseven-extension/cjdnfmjmdligcpfcekfmenlhiopehjkd

“Just a thought, would any gymnasts consider to make a come back after Simone retires? If so, who?”


Aline Friess || 15.800 [ 5.8 | 9,200 ] || 2019 Worlds Qualifications

“Simone is obviously phenomenal but I still wish that she had a rival in the sport. If someone else was on par with her they would push her to be perfect and always perform at her full difficulty. For example, she would have to be careful to have no OOB on floor, connect the Biles I with a jump or front flip and stick it in bounds. Also she would need to try to pull out her Biles dismount on beam and stick it. She would need to pull out the Biles vault much more often and control all landings”

“you shouldn’t make an olympic team if none of your routines are exciting to watch”

“just because suni slayed stuttgart and morgi had a rough year doesn’t mean suni has replaced morgi. there is and SHOULD be room for both of them on the 4-person team because they are talented beyond belief”

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