“I’m so bored during quarantine that I’ve finally taken the plunge to start watching rhythmic! Maybe I’m wrong or off my rocker but why don’t the ladies get to have individual event finals at the olympics?! I think this is an unfair travesty and they should have the opportunity to compete in the individual events at the olympics and not just the all around!”

“So Danell went out and partied with Ashton. 1)That was so dangerous of him, and I’m glad people are calling him out. 2)I’m 100% side eyeing him for being friends with Ashton. Like what must your values be like if she’s someone you want to be friends with?”

“One more positivity about the Tokyo postponement: We will (hopefully) get some more All Around Episodes”

“I rewatched the 2019 women’s all-around final and, to be honest, hearing the NBC commentators say after every single gymnast performed how Simone is better made for an incredibly enjoyable experience. Thank you, NBC. That’s exactly what I want in my gymnastics broadcasts.”

“I love Mckayla and love that she is releasing music. It’s not my style so I’ve been playing it on repeat on Spotify, but no one tell her it’s on mute! I just want her to succeed & be happy.”

“After reading her interviews, I really like Aliya. She seems so strong, levelheaded, and very hardworking for everything she’s accomplished.”

“Has any gymnast ever done voguing as part of a floor routine? Because that would be super cool.”

“The 2021 seniors should be allowed to compete. There is no way having more competition for the Olympic teams is more unfair than barring gymnasts than competition they are eligible for. And if they are blocked from the Olympics, that has implications for the qualifying competitions as well, so it’s more than just one meet. And there are injured gymnasts who will have a new chance and gymnasts who will get injured. The 2021 teams will be different than 2020 teams anyway.”

“It’s crazy that Andrey Rodionenko and Sergey Naidin tested positiv for COVID 19. That came after the artistic gymnastics team moved to Novogorsk (where the rhythmic gymnasts train). That puts many in danger. Hope everyone gets through this fine.”

“I don’t know why but I really think Russia will regret not sending their athletes home.”