Do you think of Aly as a true AAer?

I think anyone who competes in an AA final is a “true AAer”. Shang Chunsong sucks at vault but she regularly scores in top 6 in the AA so shes a “true AAer”. Aly sucks at bars and I think she’s overscored almost everywhere but even if she were scored fairly she’d still be a “true AAer” bc the sum of her 4 scores is competitive enough for an AA final. I really don’t get this distinction between like “true AAers” and the rest of the field…anyone competing in an All-Around final is an All-Around gymnast lmao, whether they have a weak event or not. I get that it’s nice to see someone with literally no weak event (like 2010 Mustafina) but I don’t think someone who lacks that quality is a fake AAer or something.