Due to a recent spate of mean spirited confessions, the admin team has decided to add a new regulation:

No confessions mocking/attacking/belittling gymnasts for having romantic interests or significant others will be accepted. Confessions blaming gymnasts’ performances on being boy/girl crazy, obsessed with romance, etc. will also not be accepted.

We will still be accepting confessions about gymnasts and their significant others as long as they don’t contain any language that violates this regulation.


Acceptable confession: “I think Aliya and her husband are so adorable together!”

Acceptable confession: “I don’t really like Larisa’s boyfriend. He seems arrogant.”

Unacceptable confession: “Aliya is so foolish for getting married so young. I think she’ll get a divorce soon.”

Unacceptable confession: “I bet Larisa keeps falling off the balance beam because she’s too obsessed with boys to stay on.”

Please keep this new regulation in mind when making submissions. Thank you!