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normally when i express concern for a gymnast, i’m worried they’ll under-rotate something and bust their acl or something but like… riley pls don’t paralyze yourself

Based off of the live blog from @imliterallygarbage it sounds downright irresponsible to have her competing.

It was definitely scary, though talking to her after she was like, smiling and like nothing had happened. Ashton said the bars were really bouncy and the beam was really shaky on the podium, but I honestly jumped out of my skin multiple times when she kept missing her feet on back handsprings. Thankfully she was able to catch herself before going into actual skills, though. Like, she’d miss her feet and then just let herself fall instead of continuing the momentum into a double back or whatever. So that’s…good I guess? really lacking preparation. She shouldn’t be there. Its not safe but at least she seems positive in her interview

She needs a new coach ASAP. That woman is breaking her trying to push her into being the next Laurie.

^^ This is how I see it, it seems like Maggie is so desperate to have another huge success like Laurie that she’s willing to throw her athletes’ well-being and best interests out the window, and I really, really hate that.

Riley herself said: “I am definitely not ready.” And then proceeded to talk about how she was on crutches and in a wrist cast 3 weeks ago. I’m sorry, she has no business competing. She needs to find a new coach. I also think, as a national coordinator, Valery should step in. The situation is ridiculous. Maggie is going to break Riley. She almost broke Laurie too but Laurie got lucky because she become senior the year of the Olympics–Riley doesn’t have that going for her. There is no way Riley’s body can handle Maggie for 3 more years.