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A lot of people on the gymternet, including me, didn’t know about Marian Dragulescu’s domestic violence until this year when some people on the gymternet mentioned it. It seems like it got no coverage in the US, but got a lot of media coverage in Romania. The peak of the media coverage was in 2008 when social media/the gymternet wasn’t as big. I found some translations about it on the triplefull gymnastics blog. I feel awfully for the kids who were in such an unhealthy environment.

TLDR; Marian and his wife Larisa were having many issues. They fought verbally and physically. Sometimes Marian came into practice with bruises and scratches. Larisa said that Marian would beat her even when she is pregnant. Larisa used half of the money donated for their blind daughter for clothing. Then Marian beat her so badly that she went to the hospital and had a black eye. Marian is a liar and claimed that he never beat her. Then he claimed he only beat her once but never again cause he isn’t a violent man.


This was all over the Romanian tabloids back in the day. Marian has no relationship with his kids, he has a son and daughter.

But hey, he saves Romanian MAG and does the airplane thing and he’s so funny, plus it was ages ago, so everyone forgets about that (*I’m talking about people who were aware of that, I know many didn’t know about it)