I have received several messages on my personal blog (THANKS TO ALL OF YOU FOR SENDING YOUR CONCERNS TO ME DIRECTLY AND NOT USING THE GFC INBOX) recently from people who are concerned about the amount of “gossipy” confessions we’re posting here about gymnasts’ personal lives. People are specifically not fans of the confessions that appear to be attempting to start personal drama between gymnasts, the confessions making assumptions or nasty remarks about gymnasts’ love lives, and the confessions in which gymnasts’ friendships are judged or called into question.

I agree that these confessions don’t have much to do with the sport of gymnastics itself, and I don’t particularly appreciate the constant speculation about X Gymnast being angry with Y Gymnast over boy drama/sponsorships/photo ops/whatever. I don’t, however, have a problem with people who want to talk about how excited they are about a gymnast’s relationship, new business venture, baby on the way, etc. I’m not really sure what kind of regulation, if any, I want to introduce to limit the amount of negative gossipy confessions we’re getting right now.

What does everyone here think? Should we keep everything the way it is now? Should we introduce regulations against the above-referenced confessions? Should we ban all confessions that aren’t directly related to the sport?

Let me know via reblog OR private message/IM to my personal blog (vikakomova). As always, if you have any questions or concerns about anything else, please do feel free to shoot those over to my personal blog as well. Thanks!