With regards to letter devaluation vs execution deduction. I think it is actually meant for the benefit of the gymnasts. One because it allows them to appeal in the case that they feel they did it close enough. &this allows the FIG to take control of routines with a couple poorly executed skills with high D so they lose that benefit.&it will stop gymnasts who SHOULDNT be doing skills from trying them for Dval. It’s essentially the new plan to tackle the whole difficulty versus execution debate.

Honestly I just find it confusing since they’re just taking a letter in value away instead of devaluing to an actual skill that exists. And I don’t think it discourages gymnasts from trying the skill for difficulty since if it gets devalued they will be losing only 0.1 instead of 0.2 (ie. switch ring getting downgraded to a D instead of a switch split leap that is a C or layout being downgraded to a D instead of a back pike that is a C).