what did shayla worley do again?

  1. after winning team gold at 2007 worlds, she tried for the 2008 olympic team. she started a fund so her family could go to beijing to see her compete. she said if she didn’t make the team, she would give the money to someone who did. instead, after getting injured at the last training camp, she kept the money and went on vacation to beijing with her family.
  2. she also said she would’ve been a lock for the olympic team if she hadn’t gotten injured (which anyone who paid any attention to gymnastics that year knows is bullshit).
  3. she used bridget sloan’s olympic id to sneak into the olympic village.
  4. she took part in the post-olympic 40-city “tour of champions” or whatever it was called back then but got kicked off part of the way through because she was caught drinking underage (which i heard she tried to blame on shawn?)
  5. she made incredibly racist comments about the chinese gymnasts on facebook
  1. while on a recruiting trip to UCLA, she and her mom were in the car with UCLA head coach miss val. miss val said they made awful comments about there being “too many n-words and q-words” in california so she kicked them out of the car in the middle of LA traffic. she also obviously took back her scholarship offer.
  2. she eventually signed with the university of georgia, right after the departure of coach suzanne yoculan and the graduation of the legendary courtney kupets. shayla proclaimed that she would break all of kupets’ records. instead she did this: