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…..She brought it upon herself??? For what, not looking like the 😁emoji the entire time she was on camera????? Just off the top of my head I’ve seen people get mad at gymnasts for crying or looking upset when they mess up, for looking “too happy” and celebrating “too much” after a hit routine, for having messy hair or not enough make up, for wearing “too many hair clips” and makeup that “makes her look like a drag queen”, for looking too serious, for looking too happy and thus being “fake”, for not smiling and clapping enough during introductions before finals, for having a “disgusting smirk” when someone smiled to herself after being introduced, for not hugging enough gymnasts, for “only hugging others when she knows she’s on camera”….. do I really need to go on??? A good 99% of the time these gymnasts really do not have bad intentions at all so can we stop over analyzing every facial expression and action and quote that they give us because it’s getting so ridiculous…

WoC: *makes history despite blatant cyberbullying and claims she isn’t patriotic by press and hordes of viewers*

TIME: u should smile more sweety (:

People still take time magazine seriously? They went pretty down hill a long time ago.

This was printed in International Gymnast, not Time! The quote where she talks about being criticized by fans was taken from an interview she did for Time but (as far as I know) they didn’t take any part in the victim blaming.