Disaster in California



I don’t know if people are aware, but the wildfires in California have been declared a state of emergency. There are 15 fires that started around the same time Monday, October 9th and have been blazing ever since burning through over 100,000 acres. Many are 0% contained or in the small percentages of containment, which means they are actively spreading. Death toll is at 23, but that number keeps rising, and hundreds are missing.

Hundreds of homes have burned down. Many people have evacuated. In some places, communication has been spotty or down, making it harder for loved ones to stay in contact. Many places, even those not directly affected by the fires, are recording the worst air quality ever recorded in northern California. People are homeless or without food in some places.

I encourage everyone to donate if they can or at the very least spread the word.. These fires are being dubbed one of the worst disasters in California’s history, but there’s not a whole lot of awareness like there was with the hurricanes. This whole thing has been so upsetting and demoralizing for me as a Californian–I have loved ones near the fires; they’re safe, but it’s scary. This is a resource page for people who want to help and those who need help.

It’s wild guys, entire neighborhoods have been wiped out.