I don’t konw why but my dream is vika winning olympics gold on beam…

to be honest, right now, me too. I love her bars work because she has the best form imo, she has the perfect rhythm, and when she’s on SHE’S ON. But the construction of her routine is not exactly my cup of tea anymore, as is the typical set everyone is doing nowadays (although looking at the results at this last UB EF, I think FIG is trying to end that trend, even if overscoring a little bit the innovative ones).

So yes, I would love her winning beam, her 2011 QF is one of my favourite beam exercises ever. Love her style, her skills, her arm work… everything. Her problem is that she’s not good at connections, so she won’t get high SVs with this code, and also, mainly, that she’s unconsistent as hell. But it’s true Schaefer won the title this year just because of execution (she just had like a 5.5 D score I think), so maybe Vika could if she focuses there? omg, I’m being wishful and eager again. VIKA, COME BACK AND GET THOSE BARS AND BEAM GOLDS!!

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