Mary Lou Retton is trash: a post


Tried to stop a bill that would criminalize athletic organizations like USAG for failing to report sexual abuse to authorities:


“The federation has had no shame, either. When the sex abuse bill was
introduced, Penny and others from U.S.A. Gymnastics met with Feinstein
about the federation’s sexual assault policies. How about this for a
public-relations stunt: Tagging along was Mary Lou Retton, the smiling,
bubbly sweetheart from the 1984 Games, as they said that the
federation’s policies were solid and that gymnastics was a happy, safe place.” 


MLR is also a huge defender of the Karoylis and was initially one of the dozens that liked or left supportive comments on Nassar’s facebook when Jamie Dantzscher’s then anonymous allegations came out.

Thinks players that don’t stand during the national anthem should be benched:


Is a TERRIBLE driver:


MLR’s daughter McKenna Kelley doesn’t believe same sex marriage should be legal and she had to learn that from somewhere… plus apparently MLR thinks that it’s dangerous for gay people to adopt children.

Also the most overrated gymnast of all time who’s only major international competition was a boycotted Olympic games where she only won because scores carried over back then (Szabo fell on bars in the team final, so despite outscoring MLR on the day of the final, MLR won). Likely wouldn’t haven’t even medalled if Mostepanova, Yurchenko, Shushunova, Ricna, Gnauck, etc. were there.

Fun fact: MLR’s commentary during the 1988 Olympic Games was so bad that her mic was turned off.