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“A large group of individuals will also qualify at 2019 worlds,
including the top 20 all-arounders not on qualifying teams (these spots
are nominative, meaning they go to the athlete and not to the
federation) as well as anyone not part of a qualifying team who wins an
individual event medal for a maximum of 12 there.What if everyone who medals in apparatus finals is on a qualifying
team or qualified through the all-around? Those 12 spots go back into
the mix for all-arounders. For example, say the gymnast ranked 97th was
the 20th to qualify for an individual spot and the gymnast ranked 98th
is super sad because she missed out by a tenth. But then we go to event
finals and all 12 are part of qualifying teams! Bam, that opens up
another 12 spots for all-arounders, so our sad 98th-place gymnast is now
thrilled.In this Olympic year, it turned out only one gymnast — Hong Un Jong —
went to the Olympics through event medal qualification, so the other 11
spots held for medalists went to all-arounders, with Ailen Valente the
last to qualify. But what if Larisa Iordache had medaled on beam in
2015? Only 10 extra all-around spots would’ve opened up instead of 11,
and Valente would have missed qualifying.To sum it up, there are 20 guaranteed all-around spots at 2019
worlds, but there could be as many as 32 who end up qualifying through
the all-around there if no one ends up qualifying as an event medalist.“

@imliterallygarbage Hi! I have a question about this section in your “Clearing Up the 2020 Confusion” article. Since all arounders like Ailen Valente qualified to the Olympics by being in the top 31 all arounders from non qualifying teams, I was wondering why Larisa Iordache wasn’t able to qualify to Rio this way since Romania didn’t qualify and she was a top 20 all arounder from a non-qualifying team then? Was the spot non-nominative then? Or were the spots only for gymnasts who were there as individuals and didn’t have teams like Ailen Valente being from Argentina where only 3 girls were sent? Thanks!

It’s because Romania qualified a full team to the TEST EVENT – that’s what is meant by “non-qualifying teams.” The top eight teams at worlds in 2015 qualified to Rio and then the next eight qualified to the test event, so anyone on one of the top 16 teams at worlds that year was considered “part of a qualifying team.” That’s why Romania was considered to have a full qualifying team (because they finished 13th and thus qualified a full team to the test event) and why Spain (which finished 17th as a team at worlds and didn’t qualify a full team to the test event) was allowed to qualify an individual AAer to the Olympics. The individual AAers didn’t qualify directly from worlds to the Olympics in 2015-2016, they qualified from worlds to the test event and THEN to the Olympics. In 2019, the process is different, and individuals will earn their spots at worlds with the test event being cut out as a qualifier.

Thank you so much for the answer! So the test event in 2020 will be completely irrelevant as a qualifier since 12 teams from 2018 and 2019 Worlds qualify, 20-33 AAers from 2019 Worlds qualify, individual medalists from 2019 Worlds qualify, and specialist spots are from World Cups and continental championships? Will the test event be held just for the sake of testing out the arena and equipment basically?