Do you think Aly’s book is %100 worth reading? It seems more interesting than other biographies but Im buying hers ilI feel like I should get Simone’s too

I’m not finished with it yet but so far it’s great! I haven’t read many of the other gymnasts biographies so I can’t really compare it but from the snippets I’ve seen of the others, this one seems better to me. It’s very well written and (from what I’ve heard) the others seem to be filled with a bit more fluff while this one tackles the more serious stuff too and isn’t just “I went to the Olympics with my awesome teammates. I was nervous but my coach told me to believe in myself so I did great!!! Yay! Follow your dreams!”. It talks about some less glamorous stuff happening at the Ranch and competitions, healthy eating, Nassar and sexual abuse, and a lot of other heavier topics. There is some fluff and she does write about a lot of the lighthearted and fun moments as well, but none of it comes off as cringey (which I’ve heard some of the other bios are). So far, it also doesn’t have any embarrassing mistakes like “Mustafina competed in Glasgow and got 5th on bars!!!” or whatever and it actually mentions several international gymnasts and says very nice things about them (she mentions Lilia and Cata being some of her idols, Aliya congratulating her after floor, praises the routines of her competitors and teammates etc). Who knows, the second half of the book might somehow turn out terrible, but as of right now I would definitely recommend it!