“Fierce” Ch. 19

This is a really short chapter but the next two start talking about her comeback so I didn’t want to combine them. It talks about reuniting with the Fierce Five and how she started thinking about coming back.

– At 2013 Nationals, Chloe, Maddie (DANCE MOMS), Tarynn Maroney, and Kayne Ross would hang out together. Tarynn got a ton of candy but didn’t realize that the rooms were being charged for all of it, which she thought was “free”!

– I think everyone knows this already but McKayla and Kyla were training for Antwerp, Kyla grew 5 inches since London, Jordyn became “the most overqualified team manager UCLA had ever had in any sport”, Gabby and her family moved to California, and Aly enrolled for fall classes at Babson College while managing professional opportunities and doing some light training.

– After the Hall of Fame ceremony, Mihai asked Aly if she thought it would be special to go back to Brazil for Rio 2016 and “return to where it all began”. That night, Aly really started thinking about a comeback.

– She met Simone Biles, who told her that Aly inspired her because she has boobs and isn’t good at bars, and Simone also has boobs and isn’t great on bars, and if Aly could make it then so could she! Simone also freaked out when Aly texted her for the first time.

– She told Mihai that she was thinking about coming back, and Mihai didn’t look surprised and just told her that she will have to be even better than she was in London.