On that Evgenia & Alina documentary


  • Evgenia is super good-natured
  • I didn’t realize she had a dog? Anyways she has a dog, it’s name is Jerry (which is probably short for something Russian), and there’s a cute scene where she’s walking him
  • Her relationship with Eteri is pretty sweet
  • “I’m 17 and I’m already talking about the young generation.”
  • Evgenia protecting Alina’s privacy by blocking the camera so it wouldn’t catch Alina’s weight
  • Alina talking about how her parents aren’t there
  • Alina calmly explaining when she broke her arm and leg and had to relearn how to walk
  • Alina wondering what her success would mean for her parents
  • I’m sorry, excuse me I’m crying, protect baby Alina please
  • But yes, friendly reminder that Alina is a child and deserves none of the backlash based on how she performs vis-à-vis Evgenia