As all of your are by now aware, Tumblr will be implementing a strict new set of anti-pornography regulations later on this month. Due to the nature of the attire worn by most female gymnasts while training and competing and the fact that many elite gymnasts are or appear to be underage, GFC IS HIGHLY LIKELY TO BE AFFECTED BY THIS CHANGE. You may have noticed our posts are already starting to be flagged.

I want all of you to know that I am doing my very best as head administrator to deal with the porn blog problem that we have here. In addition to blocking hundreds and hundreds of generic porn blogs, I’ve also made numerous reports to Tumblr staff about creepshot blogs and child porn blogs (which were of course also blocked). I check our follower page multiple times every day so I can block or report anyone who’s clearly following this blog with bad intentions. I am still trawling through our follower list tracking down blogs to block – GFC has well over 19,000 followers, so this is an arduous process!

Because neither I nor the admins can possibly monitor GFC at all times, I am asking that all our followers help me keep GFC on Tumblr by reporting ALL PORN BLOGS THAT YOU SEE ANYWHERE IN THE NOTES OF ANY CONFESSION TO MY ADMIN SIDEBLOG LOCATED AT GFCADMINMERK.TUMBLR.COM. I will be reblogging this post frequently over the next few weeks so people in all time zones with all sorts of schedules get the chance to see it.

If you see a blog with content that is particularly egregious, please feel free to report it to Tumblr yourself, but do be sure to notify me about it as well so I can be sure the blog is blocked from GFC as soon as possible.

Again, please report any and all porn blogs in the notes to me at GFCADMINMERK.TUMBLR.COM.

I will do my very best to keep GFC up and running in the face of the sweeping new regulations. Thank you so much for your help. <3