Omg Rika killed it! Finally a clean 4 triple SP! 82.51, a well deserved world record! And omg her PCS 35.15, it rose a lot like I expected. I thought it would rise since first year senior PCS goes up with high TES + by winning competitons and she won both GP assignments. And I especially thought it after the junior ladies PCS got so high for the first time. Like holy shit she has a 5 point lead :O. Alina did very well and I’m glad she skated clean, but she looked exhausted. I’m so confused by how low Kaori’s score was, so something must have been called since she got better PCS than Liza and was cleaner but still went behind her. Satoko :(((((((… well Chinese jinxer had her as their icon earlier in the year and has been rooting for her or predicting for her to do well at GPF so uhhhh