From @thispersonrighthere’s videos, thank you so much!!! 

I did a quick transcript of one of the videos provided because I liked hearing what they said about Sochi and Patch (this is video 8258.MOV, btw):

[About the 2013-2014 season]

SCOTT: A whole bunch of things happened to us. I remember, we asked Marina in the beginning after London Worlds in 2013 if she thought we could win the Olympics and she didn’t answer us. Our head coach… we didn’t feel confident or strong enough to leave at that time, looking back, that said we should’ve, our agent left us, we didn’t feel like we were getting a ton of support nationally so we felt so alone. And we really didn’t know how to handle that. But from that probably came the most important year of our career because we learned how to do everything ourselves. And relying completely on each other – [to audience] I don’t think a lot of people know this, you guys are getting the [audience & Tessa laugh] 

We were relying completely on each other for that… we barely came back to the boards to talk to our coaches. Why we didn’t go to Patrice after this, because Patrice had seen it in us, in figure skating, you never talk to another coach’s teams, he would walk right past Marina and Johnny and he would hold Tessa’s head in his hands and mine and he’d say, “You’re gonna do great.” [audience awws] And then he’d leave. And then Mike Babcock would do the same thing too, he’d come into the gym and he’d be like [Scott stomps his feet] “Why are you doing this?” in a very different way, with the greatest hair ever. 

But I mean, from that, we just did it ourselves almost. That’s why Sochi, I mean, we have two Olympic silver medals that we are so proud of and we always say that but for some reason, our silver medals are really tarnished so we always say in our speeches that we’re just as proud of silvers and then we show them our medals and they’re like “Yeah, looks like it.” [everyone laughs] At the same time, we didn’t love the material we had but we really had great skates. They were the best skates at Sochi that we’d ever done.

TESSA: As a whole, experience wise, it was probably our favorite Olympic games. And people are hesitant to broach that subject with us but…

SCOTT: Yeah, we left very happy, we were worried to come back to Canada because we wanted to bring home another gold medal but moreso for Canadians than ourselves, almost, and we felt like, oh, drat, we failed.