Ladies senior and juniors! I’m shook! So happy for Rika! She really did so well after 3A fall. That 3A-2T! And she’s already closed the PCS gap with Alina even with a major error with her 72.4. Imagine how high it would have been if she had skated like at NHK.

And Liza!!! Turn out of her 3A, but it was still rotated and she had my favorite FS of the night! That 3Lz-3T and 2A-3T-2T! And she got her flip back and did 8 triples! She should have been 2nd in the FS. Her GOE on her 3Lz-3T was way too low and her PCS should not be 6 points lower than Alina.

Alina did an amazing job despite being injured. I do feel that she should have got a UR call on the 2Lo at least and that 0.34 GOE for the 3Lz-1T was too high and it should have been negative. Her Charlotte spiral back counter 2A high kick is so badass and her Charlotte spiral is so much better this year!

Kaori was so amazing besides the 2T fall:(. Interpretation wise it was my favorite performance of her FS. Her spiral sequence into 3Lo deserves +5 GOE!

Sofia has had such an incredible and consistent senior debut wow! Made GPF and did two clean programs amazing!

Ugh I’m sad about how much JSF dropped Satoko. UR calls were fair, but her PCS was below 70 when it should have been the highest of all the skaters.

So happy for Kostornaia in juniors! A well deserved win after two clean programs and her skating skills are incredible! I’m shook that judges broke junior PCS ceiling. She broke the junior PCS record by like 5 points and had 5 point gap over Trusova which was deserved. She’s basically getting senior PCS now (for example her PCS is higher than Liza and Sofia). I’m so shook that judges actually did that cause there used to never be gaps like that in junior ladies. Kostornaia and Trusova got same PCS until now. And in 2016-0217 season, Marin Honda, Anastasia Gubanova, and Alina Zagitova all got same PCS.