“It seems that you want me to comment on an unstable persons (sic) Facebook comment – I don’t really understand your question. … my suggestion is to call some of his other partners …”

Tara Modlin, Coughlin’s agent who called Bridget Namiotka “unstable,” said you should ask his other partners about their experiences with him, & had extra red hats for anyone who wanted to support him at Nationals, is also a coach at Ice House in NJ.

As a coach, she is a member of USFSA and PSA. Imo she, Dalilah Sappenfield, Nina Edmunds, and other coaches should be investigated by Safesport for their actions towards Coughlin’s victims.

Tara Modlin also had a 9/11 charity and skating show, yet no money was given to 9/11 victims.

BTW Ice House in NJ is also where Tara’s husband, Craig Maurizi, is the skating director. Other coaches at Ice Works are … Nikolai Morozov and Andrew Lavrik.

Tara Modlin’s husband, Craig Maurizi, is a survivor who came forward about Richard Callaghan in 1999.

Bridget Namiotka is actually represented by the same attorney as Craig Maurizi. Their attorney is John Manly, who also represents many of Nassar’s survivors. Manly has also said that he represents two other women who say they were sexually abused by Coughlin when they were minors.

USFSA dismissed Craig’s sexual abuse claims about Callaghan back in 1999 because it wasn’t filed within the required 60 days of the alleged improper conduct. In January 2018, Craig filed a Safesport report about Callaghan and Callaghan was FINALLY given a provisional suspension in March 2018. Craig was also one of the athletes and survivors that spoke to Senate urging them to investigate USOC’s handling of sexual abuse allegations in April 2018. He also criticized Safe Sport after Coughlin’s death for the handling of both the Callaghan and Coughlin cases.

“Is SafeSport cleaning up the sport? I’d have to say my answer, generally speaking, is yes,” said Craig Maurizi, a longtime coach and the director of figure skating at the Ice House training center in Hackensack, N.J., said on Sunday. “I think the mechanism is making people think twice before they act.”

At the same time, Maurizi criticized SafeSport for the manner in which it was adjudicating a high-profile case involving him that has been going on for two decades.

Meanwhile, it is now nearly a year after Maurizi’s complaint was resubmitted, but the case has yet to be fully resolved.

“Are they dragging their feet?” Maurizi said of SafeSport. “Absolutely.”

Maurizi, whose wife, Tara Modlin, was Coughlin’s agent, also questioned whether due process was being fairly granted to all parties in cases investigated by SafeSport. “It’s such mixed emotions and mixed feelings, given the situation with my friend who felt he didn’t have due process and was not given an opportunity to voice his side,” Maurizi said of Coughlin.

The wildest thing to me is that Craig Maurizi, Bridget Namiotka, and two other Coughlin survivors have the same lawyer, John Manly… Yet Craig Maurizi and Tara Modlin basically support John Coughlin because he was their friend even though Craig Maurizi is a survivor of Richard Callaghan…

Back in 1999 when Craig first came forward about his allegations against Callaghan, he said a coach should never have any sexual relationship with their students no matter the age or gender. Yet he employs Morozov who has multiple high profile relationships with students…

Andrew Lavrik was also a coach at Ice House… He was arrested for having a sexual relationship with a 16 year old female student…

Tony Wheeler, who runs Skate Talk Online, also said on FSU that Tara Modlin and Craig Maurizi tried to contact Coughlin’s accusers right after his suicide…

I also took a look at Craig’s twitter and hmm. He has two retweets supporting Coughlin. But he also replied to Christine Brennan’s tweet criticizing USFSA’s statement for not mentioning Bridget criticizing USFSA for not mentioning him or the many victims of abuse that have come forward either…

Omg the hypocrisy of her Facebook… Tara talks about “fighting for the safety of young athletes,” yet she has so many glowing posts about John and said Bridget was unstable