‪First G/F were robbed of silver at IDF to C/B slow little ice coverage cultural appropriation FD and now that same FD at Cup of China is highest non P/C FD at 128 and C/B are getting 9.25 same SS score as S/K… WE HATE TO SEE IT ‬

‪G/F should have beat C/B at IDF and that should have been the nail in the coffin for US ice dance and Gadbois this season but instead C/B are getting to GPF with two silvers & have highest non P/C FD score at 128 & are going to be US #1 this season we hate to see it ‬

I see what happened with S/B & S/K last season happening with H/D & C/B this season. Last season S/B had two GP wins but lost a lot of momentum at Rostelecom with lower scores esp after the RD mistake. S/K got two GP silvers but their scores rose & got huge momentum at IDF

H/D had the Skam win, but they’ve lost tons of momentum with the loss to S/B in FD at Skam & to G/P at SCI. C/B have two GP silvers but they have huge momentum now with the huge score they got at Cup of China.