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Gorgeous team China for Anta

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Chen Yile receives the award for Best Female Athlete of the 2018 Asian Games at the 2019 ANOC awards, congratulations! She looks stunning <3

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Do you know any bars or floor upgrades OYS is working on?

Silivas on bars and floor


Congratulations Tang Xijing! 

2019 World All Around Silver medalist!



A few pictures and results from the second internal test for the 2019 World Championships. The scores are inflated and are mostly for reference.

1. Tang Xijing 58.565
2. Li Shijia
3. Chen Yile
4. Liu Tingting
5. Qi Qi
6. Luo Huan
7. Zhang Jin
8. Lu Yufei 54.632
9. Liu Jieyu 54.365
10. Liu Jingxing 54.195
11. Zhou Ruiyu 53.432
12. Yin Sisi 41.765 (no VT)

VT: Li Shijia, Qi Qi, Zhou Ruiyu and Tang Xijing hit DTY, Liu Tingting had a fall
UB: 1. Liu Tingting 14.833, 2. Li Shijia 14.766, 3. Tang Xijing 14.766
BB: 1. Tang Xijing
15.6, 2. Chen Yile 15.466, 3. Li Shijia 15.033, 4. Liu Tingting 14.866
FX: 1. Qi Qi
14.133, 2. Liu Tingting 14.033, 3. Li Shijia 14.000

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Tentative Roster for China, WAG World Championship 2019

Li Shijia, Chen Yile, Liu Tingting, Qi Qi, Tang Xijing

Sub: Zhang Jin, Zhou Ruiyu, Yin Sisi


CCTV’s News Footage on the latest Chinese WAG internal test

Video shows Li Shijia’s stuck DTY and snippets of bars and beam, Tang Xijing’s scary but stuck triple twist off beam, Qi Qi’s stuck full twisting double tuck on floor, snippets of Chen Yile’s beam and floor and snippets of Liu Tingting’s bar.


Latest test result for 2019 WC

AA: Tang Xijing(58.685), Li Shijia(58.533), Chen Yile(57.432)

VT: Tang Xijing, Qi Qi, Zhou Ruiyu hit DTY, but Liu Tingting fails.

UB: Liu Tingting(14.833),Li Shijia(14.766), Tang Xijing(14.766)

BB: Tang Xijing(15.6), Chen Yile(15.466), Li Shijia(15.033), Liu Tingting(14.866)

FX: Qi Qi(14.133), Liu Tingting(14.033), Li Shijia(14.000)



2nd internal testing results

According to 祝吧 weibo:

Much more consistent this time around: Tang xijing is first in AA with a successful dty and highest score on beam; li shijia is 2nd by a difference of 0.033 in AA after some small errors on beam, she is first on vault, second on uneven bars and third on floor and beam; Chen Yile has recovered most of her difficulty on everything except vault and performed well to claim 3rd AA, second on beam; Liu Tingting failed her DTY, but performed well on her other events and was 4th in AA, first on uneven bars and second on floor; Qi Qi is 5th in AA and had a firm claim on her dominance on floor and vault, ranking first and second respectively.

Source: 祝福体操小花们

Such a strong team, I am so excited!  加油!!