Author: Gymnastics Fans' Confessions

“Sam Peszek said that Cassie Stevens has an eponymous skill on beam. But isn’t that only possible if someone competes internationally as an elite?”

“Why are ring leaps so common on floor? They’re only worth a tenth more than a switch leap; that 0.3 deduction isn’t worth it.”

“just realized larisa iordache got bronze aa and floor at 2013 WC just like gelya at 2019 WC. god i hope gelya is luckier than iordache was olympics wise.”

“Ueg stressed everyone with having to qualify in the senior’s top 24 to be at Kiev 2020 in order to have a chance for Tokyo. Then now they say that every ueg affiliated country not already qualified for the olympics can send a gymnast…”

“The Deriuginas are never happy i swear. They got the euros in Ukraine and now, 5 months before it, they’re complaining because they don’t want it to be in Kiev.”

“Kentucky is one of the most underrated teams in the NCAA! they seems to really love each other so much, amazing floor and beam! and they have the prettiest leo’s in the NCAA we need to stop sleeping on them!!!”

“TIL that Alyona Shchennikova’s full name is Yelena Aleksandrovna Shchennikova”

“I’m sure the Bjerkens don’t have permission to film every single one of the kids that get in their shots at the gym…”

“I don’t know how I feel about Eremina yet. She was decent in 2017, but i don’t think she’ll back to her full potential ever again. Which means she’s going to be one of the forgotten gymnasts who only had one year to shine, which is sad.”

“Sticks are nicer looking than lunges and harder to pull off and those people saying it’s too dangerous to not allow lunges are wrong. If you want to do well in a sport you have to take risks, at this rates leos are gonna have to be lined with bubble wrap”