Author: Gymnastics Fans' Confessions

“The age limit for 2021 presents an interesting question. If 2005s are banned from the Games would they similarly be banned from the qualifying meets as well. Euros, Pan Ams, the All-around series, etc have yet to be contested. If the 2020 rules are still in effect will the 2005s still be considered juniors or will they be seniors but unable to earn spots for their country for Tokyo? Decisions, decisions.”

“Myk training a Bhardwaj tho O.O”

“daiane dos santos and raini Rodriguez are both QUEENS!”

“tutya yilmaz is so underrated”

“brooklyn moors’ front areial front tuck is so beautiful!”

“oksana chuso should do to UCLA to compete in NCAA after tokyo😂”

“Just found out Aliya apparently got a 16.934 on bars in the AA at the 2010 russian cup? Was that even possible in that CoP?”

“I mean everyone talks about Jade not showing artistry on floor. I do agree to that looking at 2018/2019. Though her 2017 routine was really good (check out her 2017 P&G day 2 performance). I really liked the music and her choreography was pretty ok.”

“It would be so unfair to let anyone not age eligible this year go to the olympics next year. Sure it would be neat for those born in 2005 to suddenly get to go, but the current seniors shouldn’t have to lose their chance just because suddenly this years juniors can go. This should include current seniors who are not currently training, if you’re not ready now you can’t get to use this as motivation to start now when others trained the whole quad. I think any way this gets handled will be unfair.”

“I hope Riley is happy, healthy, and in a training situation that works well for her. I can understand if she just wants to go off to college but I’d love to see her keep going and try for the Olympics!”