Author: Gymnastics Fans' Confessions

“Can Mihai leave AUS and go to Romania and fix them up. Chow’s already in China And then get Alexander alexandrov back to Russia, get Valeri liukin there as well And then USA stay as is. This is my ultimate wish. And would really want to see how everything works out.”

“I know this is bad, but can the Karolyis go back to Romania where they are not going to risk being arrested or something, and maybe help Bellu and the team become medal contenders again for team AND event finals. And then if they pull Romania out of their hell hole, I *MAY* forgive them, at least if they succeed at doing that, they will sort of redeem themselves in some way. (I actually really want this to happen)”

“WAG from around 2006/2007 ~ 2012 was way more interesting, memorable than the WAG now. Admit it, seriously. (And let’s not forget that Romania was actually in the mix then and now it’s just bad)”

“Is it just me or too many people are trying to hard to hold her brother going on trial for murdering three people against Simone Biles?”

“Do you remember when people were trying to get ragan and Riley to be like Shawn and nastia”

“VT queen: maroney FX queen: Simone BB queen: deng lin lin UB queen: aliya”

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“I feel like ragan could have potentially become like Shawn Johnson, they give me similar vibes. Oh well it’s the past.”

“VT queen: maroney FX queen: Simone BB queen: deng lin lin UB queen: aliya”

“Watch “Zakharova Spartacus” if you think bent leg turns are automatically ugly.”

“I should be happy Gelya got her first medal but I’m also kinda sad cause Ellie was so close to another AA medal D:”