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  • Called Lily a mudblood, then tried to cover himself by saying that she alone was different from other muggleborns
  • Didn’t see a problem with his friends performing Dark Magic on Mary MacDonald, compared it to the Marauders pranks
  • Dropped a tree branch on Petunia
  • Attacked Remus in PoA whilst he was trying to explain things and literally said the words ‘I’ll drag the werewolf. Perhaps the Dementors will have a kiss for him too’
  • Continued to refuse to listen to Sirius’s explanation even though he was being compliant and had only once tried to fight back, without magic, after Snape attacked Remus
  • After he found out he wasn’t actually going to get an Order of Merlin, or have the satisfaction of seeing two innocent men in jail, he exposed Remus as a werewolf
  • Ripped a photo of James and Lily and Harry being happy and in love and a family in half and stole the half with Lily on it
  • Actively tried to get the Marauders expelled from Hogwarts
  • Dumbledore was ‘disgusted’ by his attitude towards James and Harry 
  • Harry distrusted Snape that much he literally thought he was trying to poison Remus
  • Abused his position as Head of House to unfairly reward points to Slytherin and take points from other houses, especially Gryffindor, far beyond the extent it was shown in the movies
  • Told Neville he would feed Trevor Neville’s failed potion so the possibly fatal results would teach him a lesson
  • Mocked Tonks when her Patronus changed, despite the fact his also changed to match Lily’s
  • Insulted Hermione’s appearance and told her he didn’t see any difference after Draco cursed her teeth to grow and then watched as she ran out crying


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2018 is going to be here soon with 3 new seniors for France that will do their best to try to factor in future teams. Here they are :

1. Alisson Lapp

Alisson best event are beam and floor. She has great expresivity  and charisma on floor but her tumbling lacks of difficulty (double pike, 2.5 twist + punch front, front twist, double twist). That’s on beam that she could factor the most if she remains consistent. She has an average FTY on vault but she struggles a lot on bars. She posted an all around score of 50.550 at french championships last May but injured her foot shortly before EYOF training camps and had to withdraw to get surgery. Here are her junior career highlights :

2. Morgane Osyssek

Morgane is Alisson’s fellow teamates as they both trained in Dijon during there junior years and have now moved to INSEP. She was really promising in her first junior year as she placed 6th at junior Europeans championships AA finals :

2017 has been a little bit harder for her as she was held back by a few injuries (elbow) and had to withdraw from EYOF as she suffered a broken toe and had to get surgery. She is a quite balanced all arounder but need to uprise her difficulty on all event. She was capable of a 1.5 twisting yurchenko and to do piked full-in + tucked full-in in the same routine in 2016. I hope for her to be as healthy as possible in 2018 to show us the extend of her talent.

3. Sheyen Petit

Sheyen has for a long time in the shadow of other juniors but she has improved a lot this season to be the reserve gymnast for the french team at EYOF. She trained at Toulon alongside olympians Loan His and Oréane Lechenault but has moved to Marseille in 2016 after Toulon’s training center closing. Her best even is beam and she has also a very dynamic choregraphy on floor that is one of my personal favorite. She needs improving her difficulty on all event, especially on bars and floor and to clean up her FTY but has been on a great dynamic of improving last season so I hope she can keep going in 2018. Check out her floor, beam and bars from 2017 Massilia :

I’ve watched both routines so many times and I still like SJS’s sassy fx from Nats more than her dramatic one



just 2017 things

NCAA 2017-2018 Women’s Fantasy Gymnastics Draft Help:



for everyone who needs help with their drafts, includes number of hit routines, level 10 averages for gymnasts who have not yet competed a routine in college, and level 10 averages for incoming freshman

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ok does anyone know where i can find 2012 olympic trials full broadcast (day 1 + 2)?? i have been dying to watch it but cant find it anywhere!!

my friend is in canada for the holidays and today when she told me she was in montreal my reaction was literally “ew” bc montrehell 2017 scarred me