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Homage to Our Beautiful Skater, Denis Ten

Translation by @halfloopcombo

My first encounter with Denis was in 2007 in the dressing room of the skating center that served as the venue for the World Junior Figure Skating Championships being held in Oberstdorf (Germany). He was sitting quietly by himself in the corner with a nervous expression when I delicately began to speak to him. We might have been shaking due to nerves, as it was the first mission to the World Junior Championships for the both of us. We exchanged terse greetings, and I left. Immediately thereafter, however, I was dumbstruck as I watched him on the ice in our official practice. It was as if he was a completely different person from the boy sitting quietly in the locker room shortly prior. There was Denis Ten, jumping with ease, body exuding confidence, moving freely about the rink and carrying himself with overflowing elegance. It was then that it dawned on me, with my scant experience in international competition, of how high and thick the wall was between me and the world.

Ever since that day, Denis Ten became impossible for me to ignore. It is a relationship that cannot be adequately described with a simple word like “rivals” (nor would I want it to).

He’s given us numerous phenomenal performances since then. Yet the most memorable of them all come from the Four Continents Championships held in Seoul, Korea in 2015. His “Caruso” short program fully showcased his two most distinctive characteristics – his elegance and gallantry – set against the clear, masculine voice of Joseph Calleja. Needless to say the elements are flawless, and the step sequence, pressing towards the ending with vocals that swell and open as the depth and speed of his edges increase, is excellent.

The various melodies and rhythms of folk music, as well as the tonal colors of its instruments, are embodied colorfully using skating technique in his “New Impossibilities” free skate. In the second half of the performance is a portion when the percussion and strings harmonize, and the jumps and spins executed in succession are of a quality that makes them seem like part of a “dance,” so that the audience are entranced as if they’re being shown majestic dance steps.Though several of Denis Ten’s programs have a calm, refined aura about them, “New Possibilities” reminded us that he was a passionate dancer full of love. I think the elegance and love-filled passion of these two programs that he performed in the 2014-2015 season show who Denis Ten truly was as a skater. I have no doubt that they will become legacies in the world of figure skating.

In the wake of his senseless death, reflecting on my time with Denis feels like a retrospective of my own skating career. That’s how numerous my interactions with him were. I remember it so vividly. It feels like just yesterday we spent hours doggedly honing our skills on the cobalt blue ice of the now-defunct Ice Castle (Lake Arrowhead, Los Angeles), feeling one another’s presence, brimming with excitement.

Denis Ten, my friend forever. I pray that his soul may rest in peace.

I also offer here as a memorial a video of our final performance together, as well as his final performance in Japan, the 2017 Prince Ice World in Nikko.

“Tu sei” performed by Denis Ten, on 6th August 2017.

19th July 2018

Tatsuki Machida

I’ll be back with Produnova after Asian Games,…

I’ll be back with Produnova after Asian Games, says Dipa:



“If we can go from 360 to 540 in Handspring and Tsukuhara 720, then it will be a big boost. And if we can bring her back to her level in Produnova, then we can challenge at the world level since qualifying for Olympics is the aim.”

Whether or not having the Produnova will help or hurt her Vault scores, I have huge respect for Dipa. This is the hardest vault in all of WAG, and she has not given up, even after an ACL injury. She clearly really wants this vault and would risk further injury to accomplish having what we would call a “real landing,” rather than a sat vault or a huge squat. Personally, I’m scared the the vault will hurt her, but I have more respect for her every time she says she won’t give it up

ohtheseskaters:                              …


                                          Denis Ten Watchpost

2006-2007: SP (Fantasy on the theme of Faust by Charles Gounod) LP (Chattanooga Choo Choo, Summertime)

2007-2008: SP (Once upon a time in Mexico) 

2008-2009: SP (Once upon a time in Mexico) LP (Piano Concerto # 2 by Rachmaninoff)

2009-2010SP (Sing, Sing, Sing) LP (Concierto de Aranjuez)

2010-2011: SP (Primavera Porteno) LP (Totentanz)

2011-2012: SP (Elegie Op. 3 No. 1 by Rachmaninoff) LP (Adios Nonino)

2012-2013: SP (The Artist) LP (The Artist)

2013-2014: SP (Danse Macabre) LP (The Lady and The Hooligan)

2014-2015: SP (Caruso) LP (Ambush from ten sides, Vocussion)

2015-2016: SP (Misa Tango) LP1 (Misa Tango) LP2 (Romeo and Juliet)

2016-2017: SP (Romeo and Juliet) LP (Tosca)

2017-2018: SP (Tu Sei) LP (SOS d’un terrien en détresse)




golden-china: Shang Chunsong training her old …


Shang Chunsong training her old passes on floor

UPDATED: Russian Senior WAG National Team


With the fairly recent changes in the national team roster due to retirements, promotions, demotions, etc., I decided to compile a more accurate roster of Russia’s senior national team. The original list (circa February/March) was taken from the official Russian gymnastics federation website & I made adjustments accordingly. Gymnasts are listed in alphabetical order by last name. 

Major Changes

  • Irina Alexeeva was added to the main team.
  • Natalia Kapitonova was demoted to the reserve team.
  • Evgenia Shelgunova (reserve team) was removed from the national team altogether.
  • Ksenia Afanasyeva, formerly on the reserve team, has officially retired and is now working with the national team as a choreographer. 

Main Team

  • Eleonora Afanasyeva
  • Irina Alexeeva
  • Lilia Akhaimova
  • Elena Eremina
  • Anastasia Ilyankova
  • Viktoria Komova
  • Angelina Melnikova
  • Aliya Mustafina
  • Maria Paseka
  • Yuliana Perebinosova
  • Angelina Simakova
  • Daria Spiridonova
  • Maria Kharenkova
  • Aleksandra Shchekoldina

Reserve Team

  • Viktoria Gorbatova
  • Daria Elizarova
  • Varvara Zubova
  • Natalia Kapitonova
  • Ksenia Kamkova
  • Ksenia Klimenko (junior)
  • Elizaveta Kotchetkova
  • Valeria Sayfulina
  • Daria Skrypnik
  • Viktoria Trykina
  • Seda Tutkhalyan



janny-medvedeva: FIGURE SKATING MEME: [2/10] …


FIGURE SKATING MEME: [2/10] exhibitions → Evgenia Medvedeva + Kukusha

Figure Skating Jumps (Part 1/6): The Lutz The …

Figure Skating Jumps (Part 1/6): The Lutz 

The Lutz jump, named after its originator Alois Lutz, is a toe jump that takes off from a back outside edge and lands on the back outside edge of the opposite foot. The Lutz is a counter-rotated jump, meaning that the takeoff edge travels in a rotational direction opposite to which the skater rotates in the air and lands. [¹]




lol I was assuming someone misunderstood the VK post and Pereb actually just won bars… but Seda actually said she won AA. I guess they let Melka sit out, Melka had a 2017 Nationals style meltdown, or #PerebFor2018AAChamp

Honestly Idk what’s going on anymore?

I’ve just been discussing it on twitter with Luba – here’s what I was told by Ulyankina: