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Kenzo is maximizing his 2020 chances


So I was watching videos from the 1992 Olympics and when I got to pairs skaters and bronze medalists, Brasseur/Eisler, I was like isn’t Lloyd Eisler the guy that got suspended by Skate Canada for sexual misconduct and made a gross post supporting John Coughlin? And yeah… he is.

Then I went to his wikipedia page and oof

I found articles about his suspension from Skate Canada for sending sexually suggestive emails to a 15 year old and…

Also I didn’t know about him cheating on his pregnant wife with Kristy Swanson, the movie Buffy Summers, and I was like isn’t she a Trumps supporter these days and yeah her wiki yikes

And this was the tweet it linked to

There’s also this article about Kristy getting arrested for assaulting his ex-wife

AND THEN I WENT TO HIS TWITTER: AND OF COURSE HE IS A HARDCORE TRUMP SUPPORTER HIMSELF. All he tweets and retweets is Trump support, James Woods, Tomi Lahren, etc.

And he still is and has been director of skating at LA Kings Valley Ice Center since 2011. Their groupon page even talks about how Olympic bronze medalist John Eisler oversees the rink.

How is he allowed to be director of skating & coach??? He’s such a terrible person. He got suspended by Skate Canada for sexual misconduct, cheated on his pregnant wife, is a hardcore Trump supporter, is Coughlin supporter that said don’t give SafeSport chance to defend themselves, etc. USFSA DO SOMETHING.

Also he shouldn’t be an Olympic medalist at all! At the 1992 Olympics, Brausseur/Eisler fell THREE TIMES: once in the SP, twice in the FS. Plus they didn’t have a clean throw, had terrible SBS jumps, and bad skating skills, yet they somehow came third in both SP and FS and won bronze. 

In 1994, they beat Shishkova/Naumov in 5-4 judges split for bronze despite less speed, less difficulty in throw and SBS jumps, and worse execution of throw and SBS jumps. Two undeserved Olympic medals for a disgusting person. 

This awful person and my #1 most hated skater, Lloyd Eisler, is currently featured in a YouTube video from some YouTuber/Buzzfeed video contributor that has 215k views… Honestly you would think that whoever edited this and was able to search for a highlights clip montage of Lloyd Eisler’s figure skating career would probably have the time to come across at least one of the many instances of him being a trash person including one that is literally on his Wikipedia page


Anna Shcherbakova + a giant bear in the Kiss and Cry at 2019 Cup of China

‪First G/F were robbed of silver at IDF to C/B slow little ice coverage cultural appropriation FD and now that same FD at Cup of China is highest non P/C FD at 128 and C/B are getting 9.25 same SS score as S/K… WE HATE TO SEE IT ‬

‪G/F should have beat C/B at IDF and that should have been the nail in the coffin for US ice dance and Gadbois this season but instead C/B are getting to GPF with two silvers & have highest non P/C FD score at 128 & are going to be US #1 this season we hate to see it ‬

I see what happened with S/B & S/K last season happening with H/D & C/B this season. Last season S/B had two GP wins but lost a lot of momentum at Rostelecom with lower scores esp after the RD mistake. S/K got two GP silvers but their scores rose & got huge momentum at IDF

H/D had the Skam win, but they’ve lost tons of momentum with the loss to S/B in FD at Skam & to G/P at SCI. C/B have two GP silvers but they have huge momentum now with the huge score they got at Cup of China.


Sui Wenjing / Han Cong 2019 Cup of China SP





I see Shawn finally gave birth and Nastia is the godmother

This is easily my favorite part of P/C’s FD. Their inside to outside change of edge Ina Bauer into their stationary lift. It’s so pretty and I can’t stop watching it omg. 

G/F easily have the best and most complex one foot step sequence of the season and I broke it down 


LBO-Rocker (LBO to LFO) CW/LFO to LFI Change of Edge CW/LFI-Counter (LFI to LBI) CCW/LBI-Three Turn (LBI to LFO) CCW/LFO-Bracket (LFO to LBI) CW/LBI to LBO Change of Edge CW/LBO to LBI Change of Edge CCW/LBI-Three Turn (LBI to LFO) CCW/LFO-Double Twizzle CCW


RFO-Rocker (RFO to RBO) CW/RBO to RBI Change of Edge CW/RBI-Counter (RBI to RFI) CCW/RFI-Three Turn (RFI to RBO) CCW/RFI-Bracket (RFI to RBO) CW/RBO to RBI Change of Edge CW/RBI to RBO Change of Edge CCW/RBO-Three Turn (RBO to RFI) CCW/RFI-Double Twizzle CCW 

*difficult turns bolded