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Top Canadian women’s gymnastics official charg…

Top Canadian women’s gymnastics official charged with multiple sexual offences:


Dave Brubaker, the women’s national team director of Gymnastics Canada, faces multiple sex-related charges.

Sarnia Police said in a statement that Brubaker was charged Friday with one count of invitation to sexual touching, three counts of sexual interference, three counts of sexual exploitation, and three counts of sexual assault.

The statement said Brubaker appeared in court on Friday and was released on bail with a February 2018 court date.

Police didn’t give any further details about the allegations and Gymnastics Canada said in a release that a publication ban has been imposed in the case.

The Bluewater Gymnastics Club, where Brubaker is the club director, did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment.

Was head coach at Rio Olympics

Brubaker was Canada’s head gymnastics coach at the 2016 Rio Olympics and was the women’s national team director at the this year’s world championships in Montreal in October, where Halifax native Ellie Black captured the women’s all-around silver medal.

Gymnastics Canada said in a statement that it was troubled by the allegations against Brubaker

Stacey Ervin + stuck arabian double layouts (t…

Stacey Ervin + stuck arabian double layouts (the Tamayo)

didn't a former stanford gymnast write a …

didn't a former stanford gymnast write a blog post/something earlier this year about the problems within the program? or am I making that up? I thought I saw circulating around here at one point but can't remember/find it.

Yes Taylor Rice wrote a blog post about it. She deleted it, but it’s archived here:

OU Intrasquad Videos

I don’t think anyone posted these so:

Brenna and Maggie’s 1.5Ys looked absolutely amazing. Brenna scored a 10.0 and Maggie got a 9.975.

Maggie upgraded her bars, but downgraded on beam and floor, which is understandable considering she just got surgery.

On bars, she’s doing a Church instead of the Ray.

On beam, she’s doing a 1.5 twist dismount instead of a double tuck.

On floor, her music is Mi Gente and she downgraded her piked full in to a double pike and her double pike to a double tuck. Her new 2nd tumbling pass is very cool though: a front double twist to front layout stepout.









This was adorable and at least in translation Paseka sounds really nice and sportsmanlike. (the part about her coach and mom making her watch her weight as a pre-teen is, of course, awful).

“Fun” Fact! That coach? Went to WOGA & was part of the team that coached Katelyn Ohashi. Someone who has explicitly discussed her coaches giving her eating issues.

Oh yeah, and she totally owns a gym in Denver now. Yet another example of “I’m worried USAG’s coach vetting is shit.”


Legitimately some of us should overthrow people like that, why tf dont I own a gym how do I sign up

from her gym’s site:

“In 2009 Ms. Kamalova moved to Plano, Texas in the United States and joined the team in WOGA with Valeri Liukin and Nataliya Marakovoy where she worked with Valeri and well-known group of elites such as Ivana Hong, Rebecca Bross, Katelyn Ohashi, Lizzie Leduc, Grace McLaughlin and McKenzie Wofford.” :))) 

Wasn’t she also the one that left Aliya and then called after 2010 and wanted money or whatever

yeah that’s her. She seems a messy person…

Dina Kamalova made an abrupt departure the US, where she took a coaching position at WOGA. Nobody seems to know or be willing to speak about exactly why she left, only that she’d been having some problems with her group and her departure was sudden and tough for the girls, leaving them all in disarray. As a result, Kseniya Denisova quit, Aliya Mustafina quit for a few weeks and was left coachless upon return, and Maria Paseka left to try acrobatic gymnastics instead. Nelya Mustafina was out with a broken femur suffered during a fall off the beam. (+)

Also according to Alexandrov, 

Aliya’s ex-coach [Dina Kamalova], who literally left her, actually called me after Aliya started winning and demanded from me some kind of payment for “her gymnast”.  I was completely shocked by this request and tried explaining to her that not only had I never received any bonuses, I also was not in charge of cutting a cheque. (+)

Enjoy this video of Kohei in a santa hat for t…

Enjoy this video of Kohei in a santa hat for the holidays

Whenever I read Mary Who Rotten I think of Rob…

Whenever I read Mary Who Rotten I think of Robbie Rotten from Lazy Town and that We Are Number One meme from last year.



can’t wait for the Nastia Liukin national championships sponsored by Nastia Liukin and hosted by Nastia Liukin with a special appearance by Nastia Liukin

Sources: 3 sponsors leaving USA Gymnastics

Sources: 3 sponsors leaving USA Gymnastics:


Under Armour and Hershey’s are out as well.

If the ‘84 olympics hadn’t been bo…

If the ‘84 olympics hadn’t been boycotted, who would’ve medalled in the all around? And also on each apparatus?

Well I can tell you for certain that Mary Lou Retton would not have won. What do you think, @illyria-and-her-pet?