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Aliya on bars – Birmingham WC 2019

Seeing this in person was a religious experience

can you link to the coach's meeting?

can you link to the coach's meeting?


FSU poster says that in the ice dance press conference they are making separate requirements for RD vs FD twizzles so that teams aren’t doing the same twizzle set in both dance. Lol wish they used this rule when D/W were competing aljsksksks.


Can ice dance go back to pre 2014-2015 season lift requirements where to get level 4 both partners had to be in difficult position and u couldn’t rely on entry/exit features only?


Ew so the ice dance press conference says in deviation of lifting partner it will reduce the level by one. So they changed the rules to benefit H/D basically since under this rule H/D would have got level 3 instead of base level on their stationary lift at 4CC and still would have won gold



He really kissed the ice didn’t he

elizabetursynbaeva: Elizabet’s Instagram story…


Elizabet’s Instagram story – 4S+3T+1Eu+3S


lmao all season it was actually that tech panels were finally doing their jobs because they had nothing to lose because they no longer had any power since GOEs had way more impact, but then at worlds it was level 4s for everyone even when things were initially called lower and should have stayed lower (hi h/d) 

morganhurd: are you a norah or are you a kate…


are you a norah or are you a katelyn

📸: me


“They admit that the +/-5 is not working very well in Ice Dance. It doesn’t differentiate too much. They would need more +s. Halina Gordon Poltorak suggests a range from -3 to 7.”


They want to reduce negative GOE range by 2 and increase positive GOE range by 2… STOP THE SCORES ARE HIGH ENOUGH ALREADY. Also like address the real problem??? +/-5 GOE and the difference between each level only being 0.5 leading to elements with low levels outscoring those with high levels.