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“Anyone from any country from any era, who would you pick for a 5 person team? I pick Aliya Mustafina, Shawn Johnson, Mckayla Maroney, Komova and Ponor. Artistry and power all there in the team. AA: Aliya Mustafina, Komova, Shawn Johnson UB: Mustafina, Komova BB: Ponor, Komova, Shawn FX: Ponor, Shawn, Mustafina VT: Maroney, Shawn, Komova (when her 21/2 yurchenko was stable)”

No Biles? No Chinese gymnasts? Not anyone before 2004? 

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“I’ve been in the gymternet a few years now but I really want to know where people get their news about all the shady stuff and the drama. Like, someone should do a timeline of dramas and organize it by team so I can know what people are talking about I always feel so out of the loop.”

I have plenty of tea on team Romania lmao they are one shady mf

Hmmm do tell👀

Omg this might be a bit long lmao

70’s: at 1975 Euros in Norway some of the Romanians were starving so they dove into a private strawberry field right beside the venue. The farmer caught them, told Bela, and as punishment they were starved for 2 days

1976 Olympics: Bela made the team wait in the hall close to 9 minutes after they were called so that more attention would be on them when they walked out.

After 1976 Olympics: The Government steals the national team from Onesti and moves them to Bucharest so that Bela can’t take credit for them/propaganda reasons. During this time Bela relocated to Deva, sand got his team back when they started to get way worse. In 1978 Bela was going to desperate measures to get Nadia back in shape for worlds, and it’s rumoured that she drank laundry detergent as a suicide attempt and a cry for help.

1977 Euros: Nicolae Ceausescu (Romanian Dictator) forced the team to walk out of European event finals when he felt that Nadia had been underscored on Vault. Right after Nadia dismounted Beam, she rushed out of the Arena. She scored a 10 (1:04:00) but it didn’t matter. Nadia beat Elena Mukhina by 0.5, but gold went to Mukhina (1:26:20).

at 1979 worlds, Nadia was forced to have surgery for an “infection” on her wrist that didn’t exist. They made her have a sabotage surgery so that she couldn’t make Bela look good, because the government hated how Bela took too much credit considering it was a communist country. Well Nadia was a badass and competed a no handed beam routine to help win the world title over the Soviets.

1981: there was some mix up scandal with Lavinia Agache and Ekaterina Szabo. I might be getting things confused but what I’m pretty sure happened is that Bart Conner met and befriended “Ekaterina Szabo” (Lavinia Agache) at some American meet, but then several weeks later there was another meet where Romania sent the real Ekaterina Szabo, and Bart was confused as she wasn’t the same girl he became friends with earlier. It’s said that Romania did this because there was a contract saying that they had to send Ekaterina, but they didn’t want to so they sent somebody else and hoped no one would notice. They tried to get Bela to reveal the reasoning but he refused to pick up the phone because he was scared that he would be arrested for some sort of identity crime.

Post 1984: Bellu (or Adrian Goreac who ever was head coach at the time) wanted to keep the team thin so they would take upwards of 20 pills every morning so that they wouldn’t need to eat or drink. They were even monitored in the showers so that they couldn’t drink water, so the girls resorted to drinking toilet water. The team became visibly thinner from 1987 to 1988, they lost a lot of their flair/power (Camelia Voinea and Eugenia Golea especially), and you can even see Eugenia Golea trying to sneak eat chalk here

Mid 90s: Alexandra Marinescu trained in Bucharest, meanwhile everybody else was in Deva. It’s said that the Deva girls were really mean to Alexandra, and in her book she says that Octavian Bellu locked her in his room for 3 days, and on the first day the only food she got was an orange.

1997-1999: Corina Ungureanu was struggling a lot on her full twisting Milosovici beam mount, so Octavian Bellu beat her so hard that she started to bleed. Either Alexandra Marinescu or Maria Olaru has been quoted saying that Bellu has a very heavy hand.

2000: Romania sent Claudia Presecan to the Olympics with a hemoglobin level of 6.3 and severe anemia (look how pale she is). They even had team alternate Loredana Boboc ready to compete but they didn’t use her. Claudia was forced to train separately from the rest of the team for some reason (Elfie says this in her TF Beam routine). She somehow didn’t die placed 4th on beam.

2002: Bellu and Bitang kicked the whole National team out of Deva and sent them back to their home clubs, except for Oana Petrovschi because they were all overweight. This is why they didn’t send a full team to 2002 Euros. By 2002 Worlds Raducan and Cojocar were back, but performed poorly at worlds. The team doctor gave Cojocar medicine for high cholesterol which damaged her liver and she failed to come back.

2004/5: Catalina Ponor was hooking up with a guy on the men’s team, she got some sort of virus which iirc spread to the rest of the team and she had to be quarantined. She was also kicked off the team because she and Sofronie snuck out to go to a birthday party.

2012: The Romanian coaches didn’t let Bulimar do floor in Olympic qualifying because they were scared that she’d make event finals instead of either of Ponor/Iordache or Izbasa. With Ponor and Iordache’s screw ups she likely would have qualified. Bulimar was also pulled from BB EF which she made over Lari, despite her parents refusal to sign the paperwork.

…Loredana Boboc competed in both QF and TF? Thats Ulmeanu lmao

My personal fav things were always when in 01-04 quad the B&B minions (Amanar, Ungureanu, Isarescu, Gogean, etc) would Send Letter To The Newspaper whenever someone had complaints (Cojocars liver thing, Isarescu and Boboc wanting to retire in 2001, Petrovschi scandal in 2004 with her injuries and Bitang seeing her with boy outside her room and dragged her to gynecologist saying bc she didnt think shes a virgin, the whole NT dying in 2002) and they always read like: We Support Belu and Bitang And These Girls Can Speak When They Have Won Individual World Gold And Not Just Team Final

I’ll never forgive Gogean for calling Cojocar mediocre bc she didnt continue competing with her liver issues lmao

My bad I mixed Ulmeanu and Boboc up😂

I LOVED Ulmeanu’s floor from 2001

Also who tf was Gogean to call anybody mediocre lmfao. She got the results but she was so bland. Cojocar didn’t get the results but she was an exceptional gymnast.

Who can forget the whole narrative with Gogean just happening to be on the right train going to Bucharest for pancreatitis(?) and if she wasn’t she might have died. NBC ate that shit up like it was gold.

Maria Olaru hep. B announcement by Al Trautwig in 2000 AA BB

Romania going from 2001 champs to nothing in 2002 to silver in 2003 to gold in 2004 was quite the ride.

I also remember reading the team doctor only found out in airport abt Claudia 💀💀 and since of course it was the same doctor as Raducan case Romania media ate it up and they were all like BUT OUR PREPARED HERO DOCTOR KNEW EXACTLY WHAT TO DO i wish i could find it again

I also read somewhere on wayback machine that apparently Amanar and Olaru were beefing in 2000 ☕☕

Lmfao idk why but the idea of Amanar and Olaru having beef is fucking hilarious to me.

do you know anything about 2008? Apparently Nistor was being “boycotted” by her coaches and she had to come up with her routines all by herself. I thought that was a load of BS because there’s no way the coaches would basically discard of their top AA/UB worker and biggest TF asset.

Also remember the 1994 Romanian Fluff piece where they literally included a still of a DEAD CHILD ON THE ROAD.

Do you have the link that you gave me a while back to those wayback articles? I’d love to actually read them this time 🙂

I hate this all so much. I hate the obsession gymnastics has with being skinny and starving girls and depriving them of water. WATER. I remember reading about it in Jennifer Sey’s book where she said she could make the worlds team if she lost x amount of pounds. So instead of practising her routines, she was just focused on losing weight by any means necessary (laxatives, no water or food and exercise). It seems to be common practice across the board. And yet, an athlete can’t perform to their best if they are depriving their body of the absolute essentials needed for muscle repair, hydration and sustaining a positive energy balance (not sure if that term is used outside of dairy medicine – vet student here lol). 

And the fact that Nadia had completely unecessary surgery for no reason whatsoever. Like, they didn’t just wrap her wrist up and lie about it. She actually had completely uncessary surgery. Someone should have had their medical licence revoked for that. 

I also HATED when Trautwig just casually announced on the broadcast about Olaru’s Hep B. Like wtf. He should have been fired then and there. I know they often talk about athletes medical issues and it’s all part of the narrative or whatever but that was just not ok. Discussing sport related injuries is fine. But he didn’t need to specify what her medical condition was, especially since there was (and still is) so much stigma associated with hepatitis. 

The thing I really hate is that these things are most likely still happening in Romania and around the world today. It needs to stop.

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Here is an early Christmas present to the gymternet 🙂 – Komova’s difficult and near perfect routine from 2012 (I don’t think many people have seen this before :P)

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Happy Simone warms my heart!

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Simone Biles + Making History

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“Well i guess morgi and riley will be going to the Olympics because they are on the poster advertising Olympics trials”

Well they are likely going to Olympic Trials, which is what the poster is advertising…

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“If a gymnast is competing at the olympics as an individual, do her medals still count towards the team’s medal count? (i.e. Jade gets vault silver and floor bronze; do those medals count towards the US medal count for the games)”

Yes, they will still be competing for USA so their medals will go to the official count. The only difference is that they won’t be competing in the team competition.

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WAG 2019 Pan American Games | Riley McCusker (Source)

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WAG 2019 Pan American Games | Flavia Saraiva (Source: Getty Images)

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“Did Lari write a book??”

Whats the book?