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Ulyankina seems like a gem.

“I love each of my gymnasts in their own way just because all of them are different people. And I don’t care if she’s a World Champion or a 1st class gymnast, I’m genuine with each of them and my girls know and feel that.“

“Never rush to give up on a kid, at any age.“

“If I yell at them in the heat of the moment, I always find it in my to apologise to the kid. And I never end the practice on a negative note, only on a positive one, that’s the law.“


I started to like her coach! 


“This is how you lift 54kg. My crazy woman – working for the result”


Remember that time Cătălina Ponor did a D rated Phillips mount?


lately there have been too many days like in a row


Bless her unproblematic soul


Omg I knew Alexa was a real one and wouldn’t be involved with any of this! 


Also I learned Elsa is engaged to a stand up comedian who has atheist on his insta bio lmao. Really would not have expected that. She looks like someone who would marry like a businessman or an accountant or something like that.


@omgsamchap apparently all the girls hate elsa and think she’s a bitch and ana lago implied elsa bullied and even physically assaulted her 😬😬😬 chelly cantu and ana lago accused elsa’s coach of being verbally and psychologically abusive and favoritism towards elsa. Ana accused elsa of not putting in the hours in the gym and expecting to coast by on reputation. Frida Esparza also posted a video defending the french coaches elsa accused of abuse. All of them have accused elsa of trying to take the spotlight away from alexa moreno. Elsa posted another video saying she never meant wanted to attack any of her teammates that she just wanted to expose the corruption within mexican gymnastics (but then a lot of mexican fans are commenting like she didn’t mind that corruption when it was in her favor which I’ve also seen people tell ana lago cause they said they gave her a spot once that should have gone to yesenia and ana said she was forbidden from competing once). And on top of all that I guess fans of Exatlon Mx are pitting Ana Lago against Daniel Corral’s girlfriend???? But I have no idea if there is more to that or just dumb obsessive Exatlon fans because those people are insane. It’s a whole ass mess. Oh and also I forgot who said this maybe elsa but they said Alexa didn’t get her stipend of payment during Worlds and was forced to change hotels in the middle of competition holy shit. But also lmao at everyone using Alexa to fight while Alexa hasn’t said anything and is just like


Yikes semi fell into mexican gymnastics rabbit hole and jesus christ there’s a lot of drama 😬


“Brazilian women’s gymnastics: a diagnosis of the crisis knocking on the door”

this is the article i mentioned earlier! its main points are:

  • Brazil doesn’t have enough high level coaches to form elite level gymnasts in depth. The Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) gives full support to four athletes – Rebeca Andrade, Flávia Saraiva, Lorrane Oliveira and Jade Barbosa – and they are de facto the permanent national team headed by Valeri Liukin and training at the Flamengo club in Rio.
  • Carolyne Pedro and Thaís Fidélis train at the Cegin club in Curitiba with less support than the main four above, having to pay for professional support that the COB gives to the Flamengo girls such as nutritionists, massagists, physiotherapists etc. Regardless, these six are known as the “top six” of Brazilian WAG.
  • The insiders of Brazilian WAG were surprised at the result in Stuttgart, not because they thought things were headed the right way, but because they could hang on this quad and that the real crisis would only happen post-Tokyo.
  • The main problem is the inability to teach new coaches, result of the Brazilian Gymnastics Confederation (CBG) not standing up to a COB that takes ownership of women’s gymnastics and imposes its own view of how the sport should be handled.
  • Early in 2016, the coaches Keli Kitaura, Alexandre Carvalho and Ricardo Pereira (the ones who launched Rebeca, Flávia and Jade’s careers respectively) made a proposal to the COB of a project of spreading them across Brazil to develop gymnastics and find new talent, but they were rejected by the COB, which had other priorities.
  • With no perspective of helping Brazilian WAG and no jobs at clubs, Keli and Alexandre moved to USA to found a club and Ricardo is working with the Canadian juniors. Roger Medina, who discovered Thaís Fidélis, now works with the Argentinian team. The only coaches who worked with the top six girls that remain in Brazil are Iryna Ilyashenko, and Francisco Porath (discovered Rebeca with Keli), who is now the personal coach of all four Flamengo girls.
  • Georgette Vidor, the coach who discovered Daniele Hypólito and also helped coach both Flávia and Rebeca, is sidelined by the CBG and didn’t even receive help from them to go to Stuttgart, having to ask for help to friends from other countries to get tickets.
  • The COB claims that 34 artistic gymnastics coaches have been fully trained in 2014 and re-trained last year, and the CBG claims 8 training camps happened last year, all open to personal coaches of all gymnasts, but insiders point that these measures will not see results soon enough. Flávia and Rebeca can compete until 2024, but otherwise they don’t have the coaches to ensure they will have other gymnasts of this quality.
  • It is acknowledged that the top six girls receive enough support to commit entirely to the sport, but this support is not extended to other gymnasts. Of the five girls who competed in QF in Stuttgart, four of them receive R$ 10000 a month, from various sources – government, the COB, their clubs, and the CBG. Meanwhile, Letícia Costa receives R$ 925 a month from the goverment (so, slightly less than minimum wage) and a scholarship from her club, has an administrative job at the COB to make ends meet, and only started training full time three weeks before Worlds to be the alternate, which Jorge Bichara, sports director of the COB, claims was a great experience for her [😳😳😒😒😒].
  • Insiders don’t think the problem is Letícia being put on the team, but rather that Letícia, someone who isn’t a professional gymnast, was their only choice for the team. They believe Daniele Hypólito, who is one of the 11 gymnasts who is financially assisted by the CBG (which are top six girls, Dani, the injured Anna Julia Reis, and three undisclosed juniors), was discarded too quickly by the federation, and that CBG put their all their eggs in only six baskets and left Valeri Liukin with no plan B.
  • They also don’t give enough international experience to the non-top six gymnasts, evidenced by sending no gtmnasts to the South American Championship this year. Going to meets and getting good results is also a chance for gymnasts to raise the financial assistance they receive from the goverment, from R$ 925 to R$ 1850. Only Carolyne and Thaís had multiple chances to represent Brazil in international meets and develop themselves.
  • With how hard the sport is, and how little incentive they have to reach a higher level in it, gymnasts quit, as evidenced by Fabiane Brito and Julie Kim retiring after injuries. “In 2012, Brazil also had a weak team, but we knew Flávia and Rebeca were coming. Now, we might as well sell cakes in the streets”, says a coach. [😬😢]



Flavia Saraiva on Balance Beam during Day 2 of Event Finals (Source: Getty)

Just so everyone knows I’ll never stop talking about how perfect Flavia’s leaps are on beam and floor 


Gelya, Melanie, Marine and Lorette are doing a photo shoot in front of the Eiffel Tower 👀


Back in the gym, letting the Littles wear her medal.


so sweet!

Ok but how did Daria get the 2nd lowest Escore of the final (only ahead of Eli Seitz who fell)? HOW?