Category: 2 per country rule

“I wish the 2pc rule didn’t exist because I’d love to see a bars final full of gorgeous 1-armed spins by Chinese gymnasts 😍😍”

“I don’t blame people like Laney for doing what she did to compete on the world stage. If your truly have dual citizenship and can make the team of a different country, that provides so much opportunity. Considering the 2PC rule stops most stellar elite gymnasts from being able to compete and in the USA it’s basically the 1PC rule because of Simone, you can’t fault people for seeking other ways of getting to compete when they do it fairly and without hurting anyone.”

“Some american fans: FIG better get rid of 2-per-country rule 😡😡😡Expectations: more exciting comps usa is the best 😍😍😍Reality: China goes 1st 2nd 3rd 4th on beam at Worlds”

“There is no logic behind the 2 per country rule. In individual finals, You are not competing as a member of a team. You are competing as a gymnast that happens to represent a country. It is the most illogical thing ever”

“Whenever people say that they’re against two per country not because of the countries, but because they want to see the best of the world compete no matter their nationality, I remember that 95% of the protests against 2pc are related to two American gymnasts, and wonder if they honestly believe what they’re saying.”

“I don’t understand how some people can complain about how Simone/American dominance is making the sport boring in one sentence and then rail against two-per-country in the next”

“if the 2 per country rule didn’t exist, the FX podium would have just been USA: simone, suni and jade”

“Id I could ask for a very specific wish, I want Morgan to make an Olympic final because a gymnast from another country was two-per-countried out, just to see the gymternet do mental Produnovas trying to defend why 2pc is suddenly the best thing ever.”

“As much as I’ve defended the two per count rule I feel really bad for Stretovitch. He’s been flying under the radar for at least a couple years, inching closer and closer to the big leagues… and got 2pc’d out of his first Worlds AA.”

“Americans pushing for the two per country rule: It’s not fair, we want more medals! Americans pushing against the two per country rule: It’s not fair, we want more medals!”