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“I love how gymnastics is expanding. In the 2012 all around final, 8 of the top 9 gymnasts were from the big four countries (USA, Russia, China, Romania). In the 2018 world all around final, the top 8 gymnasts were from 7 different countries.”

“LOVED the pan ams AA podium”

“Vika’s Olympic AA floor gives me chills every time I watch it. She was practically flawless.”

“It’s time for a Chinese girl to win the first ever AA gold for China in the next quad.”

“Considering the curse following the AA champion of the European Championships, I’m already crying for the new world champion. In case you don’t know what that is, go look up results and start crying with me”

“Sometimes I like to imagine how it would be if there was no all around competition or team final. In order to compete and win the all around a gymnast has to make it to all the apparatus finals. In order to compete and win team final a team has to have at least one member in each apparatus final. I know it’s unrealistic, but just imagine it.”

“Daniela Silivas is probably the best gymnast to never win a world or Olympic All-Around title.”

“Imagine if in Tokyo Aliya brings back her Hijo de la Luna routine because it would be 10 years since then when she won the AA final with that floor routine.”

“Sandra Izbasa was a underrated all arounder”

“I hope Melanie de Jesus Dos Santos can win the bronze AA medal this worlds. She’s so good and beautiful to watch.”