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“reminder that artistic gymnastics is just a name to differentiate it from rhythmic gymnastics there’s nothing inherently ‘artistic’ about it if you want true artistry just watch more RG, AG is more of a mixed bag depending on the gymnast, some are more artistic and some are more powerful and I don’t see anything wrong with it staying that way”

“i love artistic gymnastics because i love the intersection between beauty and technical excellence. and this bodes horribly for my dating life”

“Whenever gymnasts are like 2-3 tenths away from eachother the one with the better artistry should win. Artistry is not something vague, it is very well defined by the stiffness/fluidity of the dance moves, their complexity, the expresivity. And lastly if people like it or not. Stop saying it shouldn’t matter.”

“I think artistry is good, but it isn’t as impressive as hard and dangerous skills and shouldn’t be awarded as such. Also stop using the name of the sport as an excuse to complain about the styles of gymnasts you don’t like. Artistic was just a word used to differentiate this sport from RG, and artistry itself is subjective anyway.”


We love and support you Diego!!!

Omg piked double front ½ p-bars dismount from Artur 

“As someone who watches a lot of AG but hardly any RG I wonder how much overlap there is between the two as far as AG’s FX and RG routines. Like, how acrobatic does it get? Will I ever see a rhythmic gymnast do a korbut flip on floor? Cause that would be cool.”

“Do Russian artistic and rhythmic gymnasts train in the same place? Sometimes I see these ‘training videos’ on youtube and I can see rhythmic groups in the background practicing too so I’m just wondering. I wonder if everyone has to hear Irina Viner go nuts on people all the time, that must be frightening.”

“Can you imagine if they did a competition where the combined WAG and MAG. 10 events men’s- floor, pommel horse, high and low bar, vault, and rings with women’s- floor, vault, uneven bars, and beam. One master competition with all the artistic gymnastics you could possible get.”