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“Akash babbling on the sideline about Taco Bell made my night. 😂”


“You know how I got so strong? TACO BELL.”

Akash Modi (via courtyard-tapir)


US Nationals 2017 | Akash Modi + his passion for Taco Bell

U.S. Senior National Team
Donothan Bailey, Lake Forest, Calif./U.S. Olympic Training Center
Allan Bower, Mesa, Ariz./University of Oklahoma
Grant Breckenridge, Libertyville, Ill./Stanford University
Chris Brooks, Houston, Texas/U.S. Olympic Training Center
Jake Dalton, Sparks, Nev./University of Oklahoma
Hunter Justus, Cypress, Texas/University of Oklahoma
Sean Melton, Orlando, Fla./Ohio State University
Sam Mikulak, Newport Beach, Calif./U.S. Olympic Training Center
Akash Modi, Morganville, N.J./Stanford University
Yul Moldauer, Arvada, Colo./University of Oklahoma
Alex Naddour, Gilbert, Ariz./USA Youth Fitness Center
Robert Neff, Brookfield, Wis./Stanford University
Kanji Oyama, Huntington Beach, Calif./University of Oklahoma
Eddie Penev, Rochester, N.Y./U.S. Olympic Training Center
Donnell Whittenburg, Baltimore, Md./U.S. Olympic Training Center