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“Alice Kinsella is hellishly underrated and I am 1000% Not Here For It.”

“So pleased for Alice Kinsella after this championships – she hit 12/12 routines, 12th AA and 11th BB, literally a different gymnast to how we saw her in 2018 euros/worlds, onwards and upwards!”

“I’m so proud of Alice Kinsella, 6 months ago nobody believed in her and thought she was the most inconsistent gb gymnast, but look at her now! Not a single fall at worlds and 12th in the all around (wish she made the beam final)”

“Lol @ how we were all so confused that GB took Kinsella over GMF bc we thought she wouldn’t medal and now she’s a European champion!! Looks like the selection committees do know what they’re doing (sometimes) lol”

“”She (Alice) hasn’t got the power to medal on floor” ummmmm how about we somehow get Christine Still to have faith in her gymnast!! After she just won gold on beam I can’t believe she said this about her. Can’t imagine how Alice would feel after hearing Christine say that about her just before she’s about to compete”


alice kinsella is the first british gymnast to win the european title on balance beam

I” love Ellie Downie and I’m so happy for her 2nd AA place. Commiserations to Alice for her rough day (sidenote: I’m a little pissed that the women had to compete two days in a row when the men got the day off)”


lena is precious 😻


lena is precious 😻

“I am equal parts shook and thrilled that Kinsella was the top scoring GB gymnast in AA qualifiers”