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“After reading her interviews, I really like Aliya. She seems so strong, levelheaded, and very hardworking for everything she’s accomplished.”

“Just found out Aliya apparently got a 16.934 on bars in the AA at the 2010 russian cup? Was that even possible in that CoP?”

“Mustafina knew this whole time that the olympics would be postponed which is why she wasn’t training. She knew she had time. Queen of peaking at the perfect time.”

“Yes, nobody knows, if 2005-aged gymnasts would be allowed to compete at the olympics next year or not, BUT image a Russian Team with Gelya, Vlada, Viktoria Listunova & Aliya! This would be the dream team of my dream teams and I would die for it”

“Olympics postponed, okay, let´s take a look at all the positive things: Asuka und Claire Pontlevoy may have enough time for a comeback, Lauries chances would be so better, too. And I really hope that Aliya will got her motivation back and starts training again!”

“Postponing the Olympics suuuucks, but at least our injured faves have more time to recover to try to get there! Hopefully Kenzo, Kohei, Aliya, and Nile will use it. AND it means Oleg will finally get some rest.”

“Aliya Mustafina had a recent interview in which she says she has some “unfinished business in the sport”…I smell a comeback and if the Olympics are postponed…”

“I am a simple person. When I see any positive posts about Gelya or Aliya, I will press the like button”

“I hope that Aliya Mustafina, Kohei Uchimura, and Kenzo Shirai will compete at the Olympics and win many medals but unfortunately it is a long long shot, and their time may just have come and gone.”

“Am i the only one who has come to terms that if Aliya doesn’t go tokyo i’ll be fine?? I mean I’m wishing deep down she’s training but Tokyo seems more far fetched than Rio did for her. She’s a two time olympic gold medalist and i’m fine with that. I wouldn’t be as sad as I thought i would be if she doesn’t go to Tokyo.”