Category: aly raisman

“Aly won the last gold medal at 2012 (FX) and the first gold in 2016 (team).”

“Thursday morning: Aly takes USAG and the USOC to task AGAIN. Thursday afternoon: Aly spends with kids at Boston Children’s (which you only know about because other ppl tag her.) but please Kelli Hill keep telling me what an ungrateful spoiled brat she is. (Insert eye roll)”

“Would you rather have Jordyn Wieber’s career or Aly Raisman’s career?”

“Aly at the Oscar parties confuses me. She looked pretty tho.”

“I want to see Simone do Aly’s first FX pass”

“Dominique Moceanu’s Devil Went Down to George, Aly Raisman’s 2016 routine, and Oksana Omelianchik’s 1985 routine are my top 3 floor routines of all time.”

“one of the most satisfying things about the raisman pass is that it fullfils every acrobatic requirement”

“Aly’s first pass on her floor routine is the most interesting with all the twists, flips, and turns!”

“Drunk Aly dancing on the island in her multi million dollar condo is my favorite Aly. #partyraisman”

“Who is the superior tumbler – Jade or Aly?”