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“Goats of FX: aly, Simone Goats of VT: maroney and Cheng fei, simona amanar Goats of BB: catalina, deng linlin, shawn Goats of UB: aliya, vika, he kexin”

“Aly was robbed of the 2012 BB gold at London.”

“I still feel bad for Aly Raisman from the 2012 Olympics, because not only did she “steal” Jordyn’s AA spot, but she also tied for 3rd but didn’t even get the medal. I can’t imagine how hard all of that would be to process on such a public stage while still having to remain mentally focused for finals.”

“Remember when Raisman said Ponor was her idol”

“A mother tweeted at Aly asking her to wish her daughter who is at Boston Children’s Hospital well wishes after cardiac surgery. Aly never responded… instead she showed up at the hospital a few days later. That’s my captain.”

“2012 floor final: Aliya, Jordyn, and Vanessa: World all around champions. Sandra and Catalina: Olympic floor champs. Lauren Mitchell and Ksenia Afanasyeva: World Floor champs. Aly Raisman: WINS FINAL”


A minute of Aly’s first pass? Thank you!

How many times did I watch this?

A million.

“I might not like their gymnastics but God bless Gabby Douglas and Aly Raisman. They seem like such sweet people and are helping out the world.”

“I cried when Aly won silver in Brazil. I miss her (I know she is changing the world but still)”

“I think Aly Raisman is so beautiful and sweet. I have a crush on her!”