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“Dominique Moceanu’s Devil Went Down to George, Aly Raisman’s 2016 routine, and Oksana Omelianchik’s 1985 routine are my top 3 floor routines of all time.”

“one of the most satisfying things about the raisman pass is that it fullfils every acrobatic requirement”

“Aly’s first pass on her floor routine is the most interesting with all the twists, flips, and turns!”

“Drunk Aly dancing on the island in her multi million dollar condo is my favorite Aly. #partyraisman”

“Who is the superior tumbler – Jade or Aly?”

“Raise your hand if you’re upset about Aly’s BB bronze at London 2012. Homegirl was robbed of her rightful gold for her beautiful routine. Absolutely pissed at the judges and their anti-American bias.”

“Aly Raisman was absolutely incredible (still is but also retired I’m talking about her gymnastics) and does not get enough credit! If it wasn’t for the fact she peaked at the same time as Simone she would have won so many golds! No hate to Simone she’s incredible and I love her but I love Aly just as much! We need some more Aly appreciation!!”

“The Final Five should’ve been: Aly Kyla Simone Katelyn Laurie”

“If Aly had done her front layout after her first tumble in London AA, she would have got the bronze and may never have gone to Rio and won another 3 medals. Just think about that for a second”

“Goats of FX: aly, Simone Goats of VT: maroney and Cheng fei, simona amanar Goats of BB: catalina, deng linlin, shawn Goats of UB: aliya, vika, he kexin”