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“Yao Jinnan, sui lu, yang yilin, huang huidan, Komova, porgras, ksenia afanasyeva need to come back 😭😭”

“Can Nabs, porgras and komova just come back please”

“Missing Ana porgras and Komova dearly ❤️”

“Guys, please go watch Ana Porgras’ beam then watch Kara Eaker’s beam. If kara’s rings were like Ana’s, she would 100% have killed it. Hope she can clean things up. Al and Armine, WAKE UP!”

“I would love to know why Nica and Laura decided to pull a Porgras move…”

“People blame Forminte for Burnout Porgras, but they forget that Porgras was with Forminte until (when she was a WChamp) from 2011 to 2012 she was with B&B #tea”


“I miss Ana Porgras. I wish she should have become an Olympic champion on beam.”


Ana Porgras on Balance Beam – Requested by anonymous