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“2018 : Mai gets floor bronze, Gelya gets 4th, people think that Gelya deserves bronze 2019 : Gelya gets bronze, Flavia gets 4th, people think that Flavia deserves bronze 2020 : Flavia gets bronze, someone get 4th, …… The pattern goes on……”

“Dumb me just realised that melka and Morgan share the same birthday, one year apart. Is that like why they are pre close as international friends?”

“The day Gelya doesn’t break or lose her water bottle during competition will be the end of the world”

“The gymternet calls Angelina melnikova gelya, but I think Melka sounds ok too, can we call her that as well or is it too weird or do people already call her that?”

“Don’t want to jinx anything, but I want Russia in Tokyo to repeat, musty, spiri, masha and gelya”

“Melka and Suni had gorgeous Leos in the AA final.”

“Gelya I am SO happy for you I am actually crying as I write this right now 😭😭 We love you so much and we are so proud of you❤️❤️❤️”

“Gelya has had interesting progression as a gymnast. A lot of Russians are good early on but then burn out. She really struggled but is now shining through sheer dedication and perseverance.”

“I want Melanie to get a FX medal to redeem herself, I also wants Gelya gets one because she was robbed last year, so sorry we have to sacrifice Suni☹️”