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“My hope for Tokyo: Morgan Hurd, Angelina Melnikova, and Chen Yile all make the AA final. It’d be the perfect end to their documentary series.”

“If Gelya gets 2pc out of the AA at the Olympics, I will cry for an entire year.”

“Iconic floor choreo: Kyla’s Whip Whip. Simone’s hand gasp. Ellie Black horse galloping. Helen Hu leap. Gelya’s Charlie Brown dance. All of Mustafina’s Hijo De La Luna. Please add more”

“After following gymnastics for some years and understanding the problem with russian juniors, I am so glad, that Gelya survived. I think she is the only promising junior after the generation from Aliya / Vika / Maria Paseka, which survived more than her first-senior-year, isn´t she? And after Gelyas miserable 2017, I´m even more glad that she became such a consistent leader for the russian team!”

“Yes, nobody knows, if 2005-aged gymnasts would be allowed to compete at the olympics next year or not, BUT image a Russian Team with Gelya, Vlada, Viktoria Listunova & Aliya! This would be the dream team of my dream teams and I would die for it”

“Does anyone know of any fan accounts that translate Gelya’s instagram stories? She is always posting and since it’s story-form, I can’t copy it into google translate but I always want to know what’s happening!”

“I am a simple person. When I see any positive posts about Gelya or Aliya, I will press the like button”

“Crazy to think that Gelya was the inexperienced new senior on the Rio team but she will be the leader this year”

“I just bought my ticket for the Stuttgart World Cup in March. I am really excited as it will be the first event (concert, sports event, etc.) I ever go to. Can’t wait to see Suni, Melnikova, Murakami and all the others competing.”

“This may sound weird but I love when gymnasts talk and post pictures online about food (like Gelya and Simone). I think having great gymnasts showing that stuff really helps to end the “you gotta starve yourself to be in shape and win” culture in gymnastics.”