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“Okay… Let me get this strait, everyone says that Anna Pavola is UNDERRATED. When EVERYONE TALKS ABOUT how she was ROBBED! And everyone knows her. She is not underrated”

“Anna pavlova was so fked over by the CoP, they really did her dirty in so many ways. She is so underrated and I think it says a lot when someone who hasn’t medaled that extensively internationally is more recognised than the 2004 Olympic AA gold medalist. She is like one of the last classical Russian gymnasts and shows the perfect combination between power and grace like on FX, something that is literally non existent now (I am NOT suggesting anything about the U.S girls)”


“my life will never be complete until i see anna pavlova or grishina do a floor routine to the la la land epilogue”


Anna Pavlova (retired)

Representing: Azerbaijan (Formerly Russia)

September 6, 1987

2x Olympic bronze medallist

In 2000, Anna won UB gold at the Junior European Championships.

In 2001, she won the Russian junior women’s nationals. 

In 2002, she won the Russian National Championships and AA gold at the Junior European Championships.

She was the 2004 Russian AA champion. She competed on the 2004 Russian Olympic team, helping them earn the bronze team medal. Individually, she won bronze on VT and placed 4th in the AA. 

She qualified 5th in the AA and placed 7th. She made the VT, BB and FX finals. The Russian team placed 4th so she did not win a medal at these Olympics.

She won Azerbaijan’s first ever medal at the European Gymnastics Championships in 2014. 


“Ragan reminds me at Anna Pavlova, so much bad luck, I´m glad she even has her world team medal after all, even though she did´t compete.”

“I never really realized how much of an unfortunate career Anna Pavlova had. In 2004 she got a bronze medal for vault but I think she should have gotten silver. She was fourth in the beam final by a tenth and a half and fourth in the all around by 0.025. In 2008 she didnt medal with the team, was robbed in the beam final, fell in the floor final and her second vault got a zero. It’s such a shame because her gymnastics was so beautiful. I haven’t seen anyone like her in a while.”

“Anna Pavlova’s 2008 floor is the best periodttt”

“Nastia and Pavlova would’ve thrived under the perfect 10 system”