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Secret Santa! I thought my messages being sent to you but turns out my phone refuses to send anons properly. So sorry about the silence! I'm going to try from my computer this time 🙂 Sorry to hear about your dog 🙁 Any specific breed you'd like if you got a new dog? I do agree that its probably easier to have one once you're done undergrad because your life is usually more scheduled and easier to handle with a pet!

No worries! 🙂 I’m glad you’re back though! I’d love to get a german shepherd or french bulldog but honestly I looooooove dogs so any breed would be great. Do you have any plans for tomorrow?

Secret Santa here: Sorry I've had things written to send to you but I've forgotten! Semester abroad sounds exciting! If you don't mind me asking, where are you studying and when are you coming home? It's always exciting to be home for the holidays! Is there anything in particular on your Christmas wish list this year?

Don’t worry about it! I was in Ireland, France, Italy, and England and I just got home a few days ago. I definitely miss all the people I met but I’m so glad to be home. I haven’t really given it much thought.. I really want another dog since ours died a few months ago and it’s super lonely without her but my parents aren’t too keen on the idea and I don’t want to get one on my own until I’m at least done with undergrad. Other than that there isn’t really anything in particular that I want, just finally being home with my family is good enough. How about you?

🎅 here! I’m in grad school actually, almost finished my first semester! Is it finals season for you now? I actually contemplated taking a history minor but it would’ve been too much with my major. Since the holidays are fast approaching, I was wondering if you celebrate Christmas and if so what’s your favourite part of the holiday season? Do you have any special traditions?

That’s so cool! How do you like your school? I’m nervous but also excited to start applying. It’s finals season but I only have one final since I’m finishing up a semester abroad (I’m highkey glad it’s over, I can’t wait to come home in a few days). I celebrate Christmas and it’s my favorite holiday by far! My favorite part is the lead-up to the Christmas day with all the decorations and music, and then getting to see a bunch of family and friends. My family and I have Christmas Eve dinner, go to midnight mass, and then have a Christmas day celebration with more family and friends. Do you celebrate?

Do you know where I can find full UCLA meet replays from last year?

Youtube or gymmultimedia might have some

Secret Santa again! No worries about the delay, I think I'm late on this too. I loved watching Raducan at the 2000 Games…I was 4 so it was one of the first games that I saw! I'm still upset about the whole medal situation hahah. I can't wait to see more of Brooklyn as well, especially post 2020 when she (hopefully) joins UCLA! Are you still in school? if so, what are you studying?

I’m upset about that too 🙁 She deserves the gold 100%! Brooklyn will fit so well with UCLA and I can’t wait to see her floor routines. I’m in my 3rd year studying marketing and I kinda want to minor in history but I think it’s too late for that lol. How about you?

Secret Santa again! Hope your day's been good 🙂 Romania's my sentimental fave! I really want them to get back from this slump? Who are your favorite Romanian gymnasts, past and present? My favourite teams would have to the the US (because I was born there), Canada (I where I currently live) and probably the Netherlands just cuz they are so elegant. Do you watch NCAA gymnastics as well?

Hi! Sorry for not responding earlier, I’ve had a hectic few days. Some of my favorite Romanians are Ponor, Izbasa, Iordache, Iridon, Porgras, Munteanu, Raducan, Nistor, and Rosu. I love the Dutch team as well and enjoy watching quite a few Canadians (Brooklyn Moors is quickly becoming one of my favorites). I love NCAA! My favorite teams are Florida, UCLA, OU, LSU, and Michigan. I can’t wait for the season to start!

Hello Secret Santa! Sorry this is late, I didn't get home until late tonight so this technically comes on the 2nd of December! I'll send you another message today to make up for it! This is my first time doing a Secret Santa so I'm excited to get to know a bit about you! I'm a graphic designer in my spare time so I hope to make you something special on Christmas, based on what I learn about you 🙂 To start off, who are your favourite countries/teams in gymnastics?

Hi! I’m super excited to talk to you as well 🙂 Oh my gosh that’s so cool that you’re a graphic designer. I’m looking forward to seeing what you make <3 My favorite countries to root for are Romania (even though they’re in a slump rn I love so many of their gymnasts and their style on beam and floor) and USA (I’m American so they were the first gymnasts I really rooted for and it’s always nice to see your fellow countrywomen succeeding). I also love a lot of gymnasts from China, Russia, Japan, and other countries as well! Who are your favorite teams?

I hate saying this but wow this beam podium cleared my skin and watered my crops if anything ever has

Me too. I’m so glad that Tingting finally got gold and wow Ana was on fire. And although it wasn’t one of Simone’s best routines, I’m definitely happy for her as well!

Do you find it a little weird that Simone doesn’t follow grace/Kara on social media? I think it’s a little shady like cmon they’re literally your teammates the least you could do is follow them. Her social media use at the moment is a bit iffy

Eh I wouldn’t look into it too much, she doesn’t follow every single teammate she’s ever had so I doubt it’s meant to be shade or anything

isn’t scoring always lower on day 1?

That’s been a trend in the past