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OMG where are the videos or pictures of the longines prize yet? I need to see them lol

I seem to remember a video on bad double choctaws. Was it from you, or did I make it up in my mind? I can't find it anywhere anymore.

It was me. This was the video I made of double choctaw examples.

You made a post of your fav downloaders you like to use and i downloaded j2 downloader based on that but can you tell me how you change the resolution of the vids you want to download?

This is how you change the resolution on the videos. If you need anymore help, let me know! 

On bars Simone has trained a Khorkina transfer from low to high, a Bhardwaj from high to low, a Nabieva release on the high bar, and a Weiler full pirouette on the low bar! Please find those vids, I know I've seen them before, The Weiler full could be named after her then she'd have a skill on every event!

The Weiler 1/1 is from 2014 Worlds podium training here. I’ve definitely seen the Khorkina training footage before but iirc the form wasn’t good (idk where the video is now). The Bhardwaj sounds familiar, but I don’t remember the video either. I didn’t know about the Nabieva. Does anyone know about videos of those?

I am a victim of abuse too and the hypocrisy of some skaters who blame the victims disgusts me

I support you <333333 

Why not just support the victims instead of blaming other skaters on Ashley's instagram?

I think they should just support Ashley on her instagram instead of going after the other skaters in her comments as well. However, I don’t blame anyone else for being upset (esp if they are survivors themselves) and going to the other skaters own social media and asking for apologies if they did support Coughlin, stayed quiet about Bridget, and now only support Ashley. 

I saw you wondering about kiira on twitter instagram(.)com/p/Bs1ZGapHdGm/?igshid=1fcm4edz92ky2 She left a heart emoji on this post, and I’m sure there were others.

Thanks I see here. Hopefully she apologizes for this and apologizes and acknowledges all the survivors, not just Ashley

I am uncomfortable with the blowback against skaters in Ashley's comment section bc it almost starts to take on a character like Ashley should be publicly angry at them too. (Saying this as a survivor who has been freaked out in the past by ppl getting REAL angry at my absent abuser in front of me, in my own space.) Gestures of support for survivors so often end up being these giant displays of fury, and the "support" part kind of falls by the wayside. How awful for her and Bridget as well 🙁

I agree that people fighting in Ashley’s comments about it and getting mad at Ashley for forgiving Kaitlyn is a mess and not a good way to support Ashley. I think Ashley has every right to forgive, support, and love Kaitlyn and others skaters who changed their tunes. But people also have a right to be upset and want them to apologize and support all survivors like Bridget. They should probably take it those skaters social media though instead of Ashley’s. 

KW just posted a comment on Ashley’s post. Still not really an apology imo.

I see here. I think it’s good support for Ashley and I’m glad she’s redirecting the convo from Ashley’s post, but I wish she would directly apologize to Bridget too…

Hi! rly random but do you know where i can find the videos of the figure skating channels that were deleted a few months ago? like meejung hwan and figure skating stars

Meejung Hwang deleted channel has a lot of videos on They also have a 2nd channel where they started posting again:

I don’t think Figure Skating Stars channel is archived anywhere :/. Before they went down I tried downloading their entire channel and had downloads going for 3 days, but then their channel went down before I could finish downloading everything *cries*