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Thank you for the highlights from nationals 💕…

Thank you for the highlights from nationals 💕💕💕

Aaawww *bear hugs you* my pleasure 💜💜💜


@romaniankoko said: andrea ciurusniuc is competing for Dinamo or Steaua. How come she’s not being considered for worlds?

She’s competing for Steaua. Honestly, I have no clue if she’s being considered for Worlds or not, it was just an educated guess that it’s gonna be
Golgota, Crisan, Ghiciuc, Iacob, Ivanus & Holbura

because it’s them that have been on most international teams lately, including the last friendly meets (with Israel, with Finland, with Bel & Ned). Ciurusniuc hasn’t been given an international assignment that I know of this year, and neither was she on the nominative list for Worlds – which, yeah, generally might not say much, but, in this case, given the nominative list was made of the same 6 girls that got sent to meets all year, I assume those will be the ones to go to Doha as well (one of them being the alternate).

Have you heard anything about Ponor coming bac…

Have you heard anything about Ponor coming back to gymnastics?

No. That news piece going around was just a joke.

What do you think has to be done to save Roman…

What do you think has to be done to save Romanian gymnastics? It’s so sad how it fell apart 🙁

I don’t know if it will ‘save’ Romanian gymnastics, but to improve the situation, first of all, they need to hire the best sports psychologist they can find. It’s obvious the girls have been needing that in the last few years and it’s totally understandable given the huge pressure they’re under. That is actually one of the easiest changes they can implement, since it’s not something big like buying equipment or building a gym, it’s just one man’s salary, and I think it can actually make a difference in the girls’ performance.

The coaches need to stop glorifying one single gymnast. We can joke all we want about how ‘x/y/z is the savior of Romanian gymnastics’, but a coach should not. They need to form a team, and putting one gymnast above the others/putting all their hopes in one gymnast is not the way to do it. It’s been already proven in 2015 that a gymnast alone, be it even one of the best AAers in the World, can’t carry a team by herself.

They need to give everything to the current generation instead of giving up and projecting all their hope (and pressure) onto the juniors. We’ve seen it too many times lately. There’s nothing we can do now, but next year we’ll have Munteanu, then Iridon/Jurca, then Cimpian/Crisan, then Golgota. Same thing happened now after Euros. ‘It’s bad now, but don’t worry, the junior team is awesome, they’ll make it big’. It’s wrong both because it was proven as a bad strategy bofere, and because the junior Euros team can’t help with the Tokyo qualification since they turn senior in 2020.

If it’s true they don’t have a choreographer, they need to get one asap. Just like the sports psychologist, this is not a huge effort.

Ideally, a coaching staff revamp would be great, but I don’t see that happening. No offence, but it’s just not working out. Idk, maybe they have the technical skills, but if for the last few years most of their girls ‘have not been motivated’ or ‘have been unwilling to work’ (their own words) and have been having confidence issues in competition, just let someone else try out. It hasn’t been one or two gymnasts, it’s been way too many. Maybe others would do a better job, maybe other coaches would know how to motivate their athletes, how to make them confident in their own strength. Most gymnasts around the world are teenagers, and yet you don’t see their coaches complain non stop about it. It’s not a genetic trait for Romanian 16 year olds to be especially difficult. Shocking, I know, but teenagers can be motivated if you know how to.

*Later edit: Also, the girls should be allowed to join the National Team with their club coaches, like they do in Russia for example. Changing coaches and having to get used to a different coaching style altogether in such a critical moment, instead of staying with the people you’re used to working with, can really affect one’s career/results.

Did Larisa retire?

Did Larisa retire?

Not from what I know of, no. At least nothing official has been said. Right before Euros Raducan was just talking about how they are missing her, and how Larisa, herself, wants to come back, but they need to be patient.

Didi looks great in those modeling pics but it…

Didi looks great in those modeling pics but it fucks me up that to have the “proper” body for swimsuits you literally have to be an ex elite gymnast.

I see what you mean, but (ideally, ‘cause I have issues with that myself) fuck that, just throw a swimsuit on, wave the haters goodbye and enjoy yourself!

aw I'd choreo for Romania for free. The d…

aw I'd choreo for Romania for free. The dancer/teacher in me is horrified with the overhype the world of gymnastics do with choreo. I can't believe Zito is getting +1000$ for his choreos. It is not that hard to put together a good routine if you have a bit of experience with dance, just having in mind they arent dancers and choose moves that they could easily learn. Even a dance student could do it. In fact a lot of the Soviet routines from the 80s was choreod by Bolshoi students.

Do it, my friend! I’m sure you’d do a much better job hahah. Wow, $1000+? Really? His routines aren’t exactly my cup of tea either, so it does seem like a lot, but then again I’m not familiar with gym choreo prices. Yeah, I mean if you know what you’re doing you shouldn’t have trouble making up a routine that fits a certain gymnast. One of the reasons I love Stanciulescu’s choreo (besides it being nice overall) is because it just works for her. Obviosuly idk how things go down, but most of the times I feel like whoever choreographs Romanian routines comes up with a handful of generic bouncy choreos and starts spreading them around regardless of whether it fits the style of a particular gymnast or not.

Do you think the Moldovans would be the best h…

Do you think the Moldovans would be the best head coaches for Romania?

I don’t know if the best, but I’m sure they’d do a much better job. They’re obviously capable of teaching hard skills, their gymnasts were among the most successful Romanian gymnasts last quad, they seem to really care about their gymnasts and they were on the right track building a great team in 2014 (plus the great work as junior head coaches before that). It makes me really sad that people like them are not on the NT. I don’t even know if they’d want to do it anymore, but I sure think it would be a huge improvement.

Duta did well too, her tumblings are so high a…

Duta did well too, her tumblings are so high and well executed! It is a shame the tie, UEG should allow juniors to tie (/watch?v=uIHejwQvanA)

YES! She was great, I loved her! Her tumbling was high, especially the arabian and she’s very expresive, I just wish they’d give her better choreo to show that. Too bad they broke the tie tbh, she deserved a medal.

i was reading comments on the romanian's …

i was reading comments on the romanian's federation of gymnastics facebook page, where they posted that the team had disappointed and not qualified to the finals. my fave comment was when someone said: "You have a problem of professional ethics with this post. The team must be encouraged, regardless of the outcome. It's the spirit of sport itself, cynical idiots from the Federation." LOL

Lmao I know, most of the comments on that post are great. I’m glad to see the people not bashing the gymnasts for the result as the coaches would want them, and instead understanding that it’s a much bigger problem there.