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Happy Valentinee‘s Day to you 💓💝🌹

Happy Valentinee‘s Day to you 💓💝🌹

Thank youuu! Happy Valentine’s to you, too 💞🌷🎉

Are Romanian plane and train tickets cheap or …

Are Romanian plane and train tickets cheap or something because whenever i see Andreea Munteanu, Stefania Stanila and Diana Bulimar's stories, it always seems like they're in a new Romanian city lol. Don't they (Munteanu and Stanila) have university to be at??

It depends on where you’re at and where you’re going. From Bucharest there are really cheap flights to Cluj, Timisoara or Iasi, for example. And by cheap I mean under
€40, both trips included (Cluj was like
€25 last year when I went for Euros). I haven’t been travelling by train recently, but I’m sure short distance trips are still cheap. A few years ago I’d go every other weekend to the seaside or mountains by train bc, beings so close to Bucharest, it was fast and affordable and i had no responsabilities at the time lmao.

Regarding the university, not all classes have 100% mandatory attendance, especially if they go to Sports Universities, where I assume they can skip some classes due to their history.

Did Jurca retire? I feel like I haven't h…

Did Jurca retire? I feel like I haven't heard anything about her in forever

No, I don’t think she retired, but she’s not representing Romania anymore either according to her father, who also said she’s training in Germany now. I assume this means she will only compete in Bundesliga from now on (she’s been competing for Ulm for a while now).

FYI Luba over at gymnovosti translated Aliya&#…

FYI Luba over at gymnovosti translated Aliya's interview!

Oh, thanks! I will check it out!

Russian news , it's Mustafina new Tv inte…

Russian news , it's Mustafina new Tv interview and it was filmed at Voronin cup 2017(befor all that horror from IOC , that happen now) and she really smart and polite girl, she was so diplomatic about all that situation already then 😉 vtbrussia(.)ru/sport/gymnastic/ya-ozhidala-chto-budet-namnogo-tyazhelee/#1

You can watch Aliya’s interview here. If anyone could translate, that would be great.

1, 4 and 30 :)

1, 4 and 30 🙂

1. favourite place in your country? 

Sighisoara. It’s this really pretty, medieval fortress. Shout out to any place at the sea side, Vama Veche most likely, right by the Bulgarian border.

4. favourite dish specific for your country? 

Sarmale all the way! lol It’s sour cabbage rolls with meat filling

10. most enjoyable swear word in your native language?

Omg I can’t even choose. We have such a talent at turning everything into a swear word, especially if you add someone’s mother to it. But I’d go with ‘dute-n pula mea’, which basically means ‘fuck you’, but literally translates into ‘get onto my dick’ I guess. What’s great about it is that you can use it to express basically anything, anger, surprise, happiness, you figure it out based on context and tone of voice lol. Definitely not a thing you’d want your mother hearing you say, though.

Thank you 💜 I didn’t see you reblogging this, but if I missed it, same questions for you

is Izbasa back?

is Izbasa back?

She did a front aerial on floor, so I wouldn’t get too excited just yet tbh

Russian news :) it's from russian sport g…

Russian news 🙂 it's from russian sport government and it's a list of national team members for 2018, and Aliya Mustafina is listed as A team member, coaches Ganina/Starkin 😀 but Seda, Shelgy in B team, Spiri also as A team :/ and Kapi coach now officially is Zelikson(thats why she's in A team too) minsport(.)gov(.)ru/2018/SportGimnastika_sp2018(.)pdf

Lmao at this point I don’t think they would’ve dared to put Queen Aliya on the B team no matter what tbh

Is Sandra training again? She posted some phot…

Is Sandra training again? She posted some photos of her at a gym doing gymnastics on instagram

Obviously I don’t know for sure, but I’d say no, I don’t think she’d want to come back tbh. The video she posted on IG is her doing an aerial on floor, so that’s not saying much, and she’s often in the gym coaching kids. She seems to have moved on and she looks happy with her life as is now.

Hey Aly!How are you? I'm Gianni, finally …

Hey Aly!How are you? I'm Gianni, finally I have decided to start a my own blog here. Hope we can be mutuals. 😝

Yay for you starting a blog!!! we can rant off anon now hahah