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new injury for Mustafina it's the end for…

new injury for Mustafina it's the end for her dreams about tokyo 2020?

Dude, it’s May 2018 and her injury is minor, I wouldn’t lose my shit just yet.

what is forminte referring to when he says &#0…

what is forminte referring to when he says 'legislative setbacks'?

I assume he’s referring to bureaucracy slowing them down, like for example when when they’re asking for more funds or stuff like that.

is Laura Jurca still in the national team?

is Laura Jurca still in the national team?

Nope. Last I heard, she had moved to Germany to train and her father said she won’t be representing Romania anymore.

How badly would Romania have to do to not make…

How badly would Romania have to do to not make the top 24 at worlds this year? Is that a genuine concern or should they make it through to next year with no problems? Is team finals possible? What place do you estimate them placing as a team?

I think they will definitely make top 24. They’d have to screw up monumentally to not make it. I doubt team final is a possibility, though. I can’t really predict a placement for the team, honestly. It’s mostly new girls or girls that haven’t been competing much lately, you can’t really say how they’ll react in front of such an important competition, you know. They could very well rise to the occasion and exceed expectations, or the the pressure could be too much and cause them to underperform. Also, they’re all working on several upgrades (which they need, cause D-wise things aren’t going particularly well), if they get those clean and consistent by then, things might turn out better than expected.

who do you think Romania would send to YOG?

who do you think Romania would send to YOG?

Either Iulia Berar, or Silvia Sfiringu. Iulia’s weakness is vault, while Silvia’s is bars, but overall, I think they’re both equally as good. They have potential (Iulia could be a huge help for the team on bars), but I refuse to get excited for them now though, bc Romanian juniors, you know lmao

you could believe or not, but there is a rumor…

you could believe or not, but there is a rumor/ in said information in team russia that Aliya injured her knee once again(

NO! For the benefit of my mental sanity, I will refuse to believe/pretend I didn’t read this until it’s official. I mean, what rumors, I heard nothing *laughs nervously*

Do you have any suspicions about the Romanian …

Do you have any suspicions about the Romanian girls being sexually abused in the recent past? I do think they have been psychologically manipulated and abused :/

This kind of thing is not something to be detected by outsiders like me, or fans in general, no matter the country. In all honesty, I don’t have any suspicion of sexual abuse, and such accusations were never brought up even by former gymnasts complaining about coaches, but again, it’s not for us to make that assessment just by reading news/interviews. It’s a serious accusation, so it should not be played around with lightly. No one should assume things unless there is evidence. I know Asiana and her mother talked about verbal abuse and bad treatments, but that’s it. No other current or former gymnast in the recent past have come forward about any type of abuse. Everyone is free to have their opinions, but mine I’ll keep to myself because I would never point fingers without having evidence, especially in such a sensible matter.

"It's honestly getting hard for me t…

"It's honestly getting hard for me to enjoy this sport knowing how much abuse goes on" 😩 this is exactly what I've been feeling for the past few months. It's getting harder for me to enjoy this sport that i am such a huge fan of. Mustafina was the reason I started following and fell in love with the sport and I couldn't even fully enjoy her return. I feel like everything is tainted and terrible. If I get excited abt upcoming meets or think back on fav moments it is filled with such bitterness.

Right? It’s becoming so hard to watch knowing how much abuse is happening behind closed doors. Besides the fact that these kids have to work so hard to strive in such a physically and mentally demanding sport, knowing they might be dealing with abuse and they’re not properly looked after by the adults around them is just hearbreaking and it takes away the joy of watching.

I thought the USA scandal was the worst thing that could happen, but what’s been coming out about Brazil is just as bad. I mean, sexually abused children, a lot of people in the know, adults publicly joking about said kids getting abused, or even bullying them because of it…
The fact that it happened for so long, the fact that so many people were involved and did nothing….
Much like with USA,
I honestly never thought something like that was possible, I just never could’ve imagine it. It makes you wonder how many teams have these type of problems, but it just never made it to the public. It seems like it’s not isolated anymore, it’s just the culture in the sport, and it’s depressing.

I just feel so bad for these wonderful children for having to suffer all this, and my heart goes out to them, cause they had no fault that all the adults around them are monsters. Either by commiting the crime, or by failing to take action when noticing the crime, thus becoming an accomplice, ALL the adults around them are monsters.

Also some people HAVE to work. Like they have …

Also some people HAVE to work. Like they have no choice. We have no idea what Aliya's situation is and I'm tired of people who don't know someone's life trying to judge like they're any better. You aren't, you're a piece of shit.

My sentiments exactly!

How would you rank these romanian coaches with…

How would you rank these romanian coaches with like a sentence/brief explanation as to why for each: Octavian Belu, Lili Cosma, Nicolae Forminte, Lucian Sandu, the Moldovans?

I’d say the Moldovans – Forminte – Belu – Sandu. Thing is they don’t usually give many intervews, and there’s nothing but news/rumors that I can base this on. The Moldovans have a great relationship with their gymnasts and they have produces the most successful gymnasts in the last few years. I know some don’t like Forminte, though I don’t know exactly why, but as far as I’ve witnessed in competition (Cluj, 2017 Nationals) he’s supportive of the girls even when they make mistakes and doesn’t seem to blacklist people when they have a bad meet, like I remember he still had faith in Crisan for example after a few not-so-successful showings. I think he could improve on working the code and creating routines that would benefit each individual gymnast (though this is a problem for most Romanian coaches tbh). There’s no doubt Bellu is a good technical coach, but I can’t be a fan of his due to the allegations of how he behaves in the gym and bc his attitude in interviews and the way he managed the team last quad was so incredibly disappointing. Sandu, well, idk much about him, but I’ve hear he’s not necessarily nice and he’s worked as a bars specialist for many years and our bars are shit, so how much credit can he get? In all honesty, I don’t know enough about Lili Cosma to have an opinion. I haven’t seen interviews of her and heard very little about her. I don’t even know what her exact position on the NT is (she might coach beam more, but I’m not sure).

Most of this is my own opinion, so don’t quote me on it lol