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Yes, you are right at that press conference, i…

Yes, you are right at that press conference, it was Zelikson and Ulyankina, who spoke against Alexandrov. Also right before London quals Zelikson was interviewed on tv by Seva Novgorodtsev and he(Zelik) said shitty things about Aliya 🙁 smt like she's a loser and have no chance for individual medals in London at all…. AND after Aliya won Gold in London he immediately "remembered" the he was he coach when she was like 8 y.o and since then he know that she will win :/

Yes! Thank you! That’s what I meant in my previous answer about him having a shit attitude towards Aliya before London. I didn’t know about him remembering how he used to be her coach though lmao.

Your explanation for disliking Zelikson doesn&…

Your explanation for disliking Zelikson doesn’t make sense to me bc how did you figure that out of all factors concerning Grishina it was his management exactly that lead to her poor performance? Also quite a few team members and their coaches were not particularly happy with Alexandrov and his preferential treatment of Aliya bc it weakened team dynamics.

Besides the explanation I provided, at the end of the day, me dislaking someone is a matter of opinion, and if you disagree it’s not my problem. I never tried to convince you of anything, so have the decency to do the same.

Imo it was his fault, for insisting on following his own plan, training separately (thus having preferential treatmenent compared to anyone else) and not listening to others’ suggestions. The upgrades she got for London were too much for her.

I know Alexandrov wasn’t a saint, but you can’t say he wasn’t a good coach, and while his treatmenet of Aliya may have ‘weakened team dynamics’, he left more than 4 years ago, and it’s not like the team has gotten better results since, and it’s still his gymnast who received ‘preferential treatment’ that carried the team for another quad.

Sure, some weren’t happy with him, but others were. Afanasyeva said it was him that convinced her not to retire after 2010, which let to her becoming a FX World Champion. And if I’m not mistaken, at that press conference, it was Zelikson and Ulyankina, two of the Rods’ favs, who spoke against him.

What’s so bad about Zelikson? Why don’t you like him?

I’m not a fan of his bc of how he managed Grishina pre-London which led to her poor performance, his misearable attitude towards Alexandrov after London and playing along to the idea that it was somehow Aliya/Alexandrov’s fault that the team didn’t have better results, him being one of Vrod’s favs which always means his girls get better opportunities than other coaches’ girls (not necessarily his fault I guess, but still frustrating), and also I think he’s been the NT tumbling specialist for a while (2015-2016?), and it’s not like he did an awesome job there. Idk that’s it I guess. Oh, also he sales ugly leos to the NT, which is irrelevant gymnastics-wise, but I’m gonna add it just because lol

I hope Gabbys tweet about Aly and what people wear was really worded wrong, although I doubt it. Have you seen it

Yeah, I saw it. It was very ‘poorly worded’ indeed to say the least. I really hope it was just an honest mistake(?), and if it wasn’t, at least maybe she learned something from this, seeing how so many people wrote about why that kind of an attitude is wrong..

Technically Zelikson always was at National team , don’t forget that he has a business in Moscow and he sells leos to girls at NT , even the one in Montreal and that ugly leos in rio qual :/ His work in Saransk in only a hobby for him , also coaching as well is a hobby for him to :D

Ugh, I know, don’t remind me about the hideous leos, it will make me hate him more lmao. Oh, ok I see, I thought he had to leave the NT in order to attend to the Saransk job.

Team russia news and it’s inside information, now (and again like in 2013) Kapitonova working with Zelikson as her personal coach :/

So is Zelikson back on the National Team now? I thought he just took that job in Saransk and was talking about how great life was away from Moscow. Also, I wonder why Kapi left Starkin.

Team russia news, now from Paseka,she says that she will need surgery on her back and surgery will be in Germany championat(.)com/other/news-2953891-paseka-mne-predstoit-operacija-na-spine-v-germanii(.)html

Yeah, looks like Maria Paseka will get spine surgery in Germany. She doesn’t mention the impact it will have, but I assume spine surgery is not exactly a good thing in gymnastics, and when they were talking about the possibility of her having this surgery back after Rio, she said it would mark the end of her sports career.

On the bright side, she will get married on July 13th.

anything on the juniors?

You mean if there’s anything new on why so many of them didn’t attend Nationals? No, no one said anything about it, and I doubt they ever will.

Now, if this was about results, the AA competition was split into 3 levels/age groups. Iulia Berar, Silvia Sfirigu and Amalia Puflea got the AA titles in their respective categories.

EFs had only 2 levels/age gropus. I think the older juniors (Berar’s group) did not have EFs.

Lisa Marchidanu dominated EFs in her group, winning 3 titles, and the one gold she missed on bars, was won by Antonia Duta. In the same group Sfirigu, the AA champ, won a medal in each final (vault/bars/beam silver, floor bronze).

In the other group Amalia Puflea was the one to dominate with 4 medals, 3 golds – bars, beam, floor, and a silver in the vault final, which was won by Sabrina Voinea. Erika Leonida also got 3 medals.

Russian news it’s from Aliya Mustafina, her new photoshot inc short interview about russian cars and gymnastics :D She’s so classy on that photos!) bolshoisport(.)ru/articles/aliya-mustafina-o-lada-vesta-sw-cross-uverennom-povedenii-na-doroge-i-svoem-vozvraschenii-v-sport



Team russia news, and it’s about Starkin kids :) Aliya is now in Penza bc they(Starkin family) invited specialist in endurance for both Aliya and Denis :D pravda-news(.)ru/news/sport/mustafina-i-ablyazin-treniruyutsya-v-penze/

It’s great that their doing their best to get their athletes all the support they need! Hopefully it will help them both!