Category: balance beam

“Best beam routine? Possibly Kui Yuan Yuan Team Optionals Atlanta 1996… just watch it”

“simone is reaching ponor levels of beam confidence. i absolutely love it”

“China BB starter pack: (compulsory) front HS step out + front tuck combo, Korbut somewhere, full turn and literally no other turns (Optional) rings, layouts, layout fulls”

“Dream BB routine: I want someone to incl peng peng lee mount, an acro series like Kui yuan yuan, turns combo like Sanne, Arabian and grigoras somewhere, split + sissone + sissone, korbut somewhere, wolf jump + split jump + sheep jump, triple twist dismount”

“i think yang bo’s bhs + layout + rulfova is the best acro series of all time, but if kara eaker does a aerial + loso + rulfova, i might just reconsider”

“My dream beam combo is FHS + Barani”

“I don’t think Riley and Kara depending on that many connection for a D score on beam is smart.”

“Upgrade the Korbut from a B to a C amen”

“Petition for Gelya to permanently ditch the two-foot layout and connect her Kochetkova to the bhs + loso instead. It would be worth the same in difficulty, less of a fall risk, fewer built in deductions, and obviously just cooler to watch”

“I rewatched some videos of Pauline Schäfer and omg, why is her Schäfer-summersault just an E? It looks so hard and for me harder than an Arabian or a tuck full and this is an F, so FIG why?”