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“i love that jordyn wieber saved her standing full till the end of her beam routine… power move if ive seen one”

“I had a dream that I was an elite US gymnast and had to perform on beam in front of everyone at a verification camp and I was like… I don’t even have a routine. I have never even done a back handspring before. And got really embarassed.”

“Best beam routine? Possibly Kui Yuan Yuan Team Optionals Atlanta 1996… just watch it”

“Never forget gelya saying she was happy to score above the 12s on beam at euro games then by the time worlds came along she was scoring 14s :’)”

“If Tingting falls on beam at the Tokyo Qualifications I will cry”

“We don’t talk enough about what an amazing beamer Shawn Johnson was”

“Whenever I see videos of men doing uneven bars i’m like cool but whatever. They already do pbars and high bar, so some of it translates to unevens (i.e. kips, cast handstands, geingers). But watching them do beam is a whole other story. The first thing most people do on beam is handstands, and they just bust out olympic level skills.”

“becky downie has a better rings on beam than kara eaker”

“Dominique Dawes will forever be my favorite beam worker.”

“The technical committee upgraded the candlestick mount and everyone started doing it immediately. Now it’s going back to being a C. I wonder if gymnasts with less difficulty will keep doing it while it phases out of the higher level gymnasts’ routines.”