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“The Kara Eaker situation has made me so much more aware of split ring positions. Now when I watch beam routines from previous quads I can’t believe how their lazy split rings didn’t bother me before.”

“As awesome as Suni’s bar training videos are, I really want to see her beam because I’m worried about her consistency.”

“All of Chow’s former athletes CLEANING UP this year on beam in the NCAA 😫😫😫>>>”

“Flavia has had the best beam for YEARS. I’m really gonna need her to win redemption gold in Tokyo”

“I know it’s not fair to use athlete’s still competing because of bias and all, but if Al and Armine keep the ring leaps after Kara has become the literal and official poster girl for bad ring leaps, then that’s a rod they created for their own backs and Kara’s. Sucks for Kara but she deserves those deductions.”

“Are they keeping the world cups as Olympic qualifiers next quad!”

“Sanne Wevers beam is PERFECT”

“Sanne Wevers is gonna get an Olympic gold on the balance beam again. Gonna go a Wevers + Illusion + Okino, A Triple twisting Gainer a double twisting back handspring mount. #TEAM SANNE”

“I think Skye’s front handspring, front tuck might be my favorite beam series ever, which says a lot considering how many fantastic series there are. But Skye’s is so unique and explosive!”

“Say what you want about Vanessa Ferrari as a person, but damn, was that signature beam mount impressive…”