Category: becky downie

“can we talk about becky downie’s tweddle + ezhova + van leeuwen”

“So proud of Becky, Ellie, Max and Joe! GO GB!!”

“My heart is s full because things FINALLY came together for Becky!”

“The Downie sisters and Ireland’s first world medal…Yeah, it keeps getting better.”


“me: If Becky gets a medal I’m gonna lose it well I’ve lost it dudes”


“my secret wish is becky downie getting an UB medal and like, I’m really glad that Eli Seitz got one last year because I’ve wanted her to get one for so long if she hadn’t already done it I’d be super conflicted now”

“I don’t know when I will cry more: If Becky Downie wins a medal in Bars EF or if she doesn’t.”

“I always feel bad for gymnastics siblings such as the Downies or the Gadirovas (especially considering that they’re twins) because I think one of them will always feel inferior to the other and have low self esteem about their ability, even if they (as both the examples are) are both incredible gymnasts in their own right.”