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“Potenial Canadian Success: T: Bronze or Silver AA: Brooklyn Top 10, Ellie Top 2 VT: Shallon gets medal, Ellie gets medal with Rudi and DTT, UB: Ana Makes final, BB: Ana and Ellie get medal, Brooklyn makes final if she hits FX: Ellie makes final, Brooklyn wins medal”

“Brooklyn Moors’ Ring Position is SOOOOOOO Underated! It is… PERFECT😍”

“I feel like Brooklyn Moors is a real-life representation of what Make It Or Break It was going for with Payson Keeler being an “artistic” gymnast instead of a “power” gymnast”

“I love how the whole gymternet really loves 1) kj kindler 2) chuso 3)mckayla maroney 4)larisa 5)aliya 6)kyla ross 7)brooklyn 8)suni and 9)liu tingting”

“Roxana, Brooklin and Flavia wiped the floor final with all the other contestants in terms of good music and routines that one actually enjoys to watch.”



Brooklyn Moors crashes teammate Ellie Black’s post-podium training interview

“I didn’t think it was possible for me to like Brooklyn Moors’s new routine even more than the last one, but she came out here and snatched my wig all over again. Truly the most artistic and emotional non-Dutch floor worker of her generation”

“Brooklyn’s Moors double front half is so satisfying to watch”


Brooklyn Moors wins gold on floor exercise at the 2019 Pan American Games