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Liang Chow on the AA final:

“I still have tears in my eyes…just now Tang Xijing ran over and said to me ‘Thank you Coach Chow’…it hasn’t been easy. We have such a talented team. We went through a year of adjustments and hard work to raise our level in all events. Captain LTT also has a lot of pressure on her, bringing 3 young teammates. When she makes small errors she isn’t able to show her full capabilities. But today TXJ really showed the true strength of the Chinese gymnastics team. For her to be able to demonstrate her full potential on this stage, I’m so excited for her and proud of our team. We just need to keep moving forward. With hard work, we eagerly anticipate the Tokyo Olympics”

Translation by @fivecentimeterspersecond


Congratulations Tang Xijing! 

2019 World All Around Silver medalist!

Some of the Chinese MAG team working in summer training. 

Xiao Ruoteng, Zhang Chenglong, You Hao, Liu Yang, Zou Jingyuan

Xiao Ruoteng joins “ Visa之队“ (Team Visa) 

Visa is sponsoring him along with four other athletes across a variety of sports through the 2020 Games.

Fan Yilin scores 14.933 for the silver medal at the 2019 Doha World Cup 

Lu Yufei competes at the 2019 American Cup.

6th AA: 51.699

VT: 13.233  –  UB: 13.300 

BB: 12.566  –  FX: 12.600

Ma Yue competes at the 2019 American Cup. 

3rd AA: 


5th FX: 13.300  –  3rd PH: 14.033 

1st SR: 14.333  –  2nd VT:


4th PB: 14.333  –  2nd HB: 13.900 

Fan Yilin, Lv Jiaqi, Zhao Shiting, and Yu Linmin experiencing Melbourne, Australia. 


You Hao moved up from qualifying, scoring a massive 15.066 to win the gold on Parallel Bars in the second day of finals at the 2019 Melbourne World Cup! Also, in his first international competition back in over a year after marrying and becoming a father, Zhang Chenglong performed admirably with a high flying routine to win the bronze on high bar!

New senior Zhao Shiting maintained her positions from qualifying, winning the gold on Balance Beam and the bronze on Floor Exercise during the second day of finals at the 2019 Melbourne World Cup! Her beautiful Beam routine that scored 13.566 for gold is below.