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“Is Claudia Fragapane still injured? I miss GB having her and Amy in major competition. Floor is a mess without them!”

“Can Amy and Claudia please come back from injury soon? Floor is awful for GBR right now, and Fenton is a headcase in competition right now!”

“Top 5 floor musics of this season, 1: riley 2: claudia 3: vanessa 4: Morgan 5: aliya”

“Here’s hoping GB don’t have any more injuries for the rest of the quad and they don’t push anyone too hard bc I need James, Nile, Claudia and Amy all in Tokyo :/”

“I really am delighted for Ellie Downie! Fingers crossed Frags wins a medal this year!”

“Okay so Frags just came back and she’s got a Chusovitina and a DLO in her floor routine. I hope to see her at Worlds this year in the floor final.”

“I’m gutted that Kelly Simm is injured but I’m so excited to see Frags in international comp again!! Fingers crossed for a floor medal!”

“Frags is the best beam worker of this generation”

“So upsetting that the GB girls didn’t make the team final, someone get Tinkler and Frags healthy asap:(“