Category: commentary

“I actually didn’t hate Tim’s commentary during the WAG TF. I think he did a good job.”

“No One: Literally No One: ABSOLUTELY NO ONE: Tim Daggett: oh boy”

“I love that the commentator on the Olympic Channel referred to the 2pc rule as the “Noah’s Ark rule.” Never heard that before, but it makes it more palatable somehow.”

“y’all ever get out of the shower and hold your towel up behind you like a gymnast holding his/her country’s flag after winning a gold medal at worlds”

“I still find Shawn Johnson to be annoying as fuck, but if she’s having fun being herself then uh, good on her I guess:

“Nope. Bart and Kathy are too nice. Let me commentate.”

“That moment when Kyla has two falls and reminds you that she’s actually human… but then gets a 10.0 because she IS Kyla after all. The woman is really so flawless.”