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“Angelina Melnikova is incredible. 2016 and 2017 were so frustrating watching her. In 2018 she became consistent but still barely missed AA and FX podiums. It’s amazing seeing her achieve individual success. Hopefully she manages to become even more successful in Tokyo.”

“I am rooting for Riley to make the Tokyo team. I really hope she can become more consistent and show routines like her Pan Am Games qualifications more often where she was phenomenal. Everything she does is just elegant and precise. A team with her, Biles, Lee would be absolute perfection. (4th gymnast being one of: McCallum, Chiles, Skinner or Wong)”

“This year’a World Championships were supposed to be Simone Biles’ Olympics. 5 Golds and not medaling on bars. I do hope she repeats the Golds in Tokyo and manages to medal on bars. That would make it easier to accept she might retire afterwards. (Still hoping she goes to few more World Championships to continue to kill it though)”

“Did anything follow the nassar case? There were so many people who knew what was going on and allowed it and a whole system of abuse happening and it really felt like the start of dismantling that all but now it all seems to be hushed up again? Or am I just not looking hard enough?”

“Would’ve loved to see McKayla Maroney do a cheng…. would’ve loved to see her in Rio too. Her gymnastics was so unique and beautiful.”

“every day i’m grateful to be alive to witness simone”

“Not gonna lie, but it’s pretty noticeable when a gymnast posts a hype confession about themselves or their friend/family member posts about them.”

“I trust Morgi to make right choice for her regarding when she enrolls at Florida (or if she ultimately decides to go pro)”

“This confession lacks an actual meaning, but I feel like Maddie K. never “officially” retired, but even if she came back now there is no way she would even make podium with her old routine. Neither would Ashton and neither will Aliya. It’s kind of refreshing to be in the era where last quad’s boring and predictable routines won’t fly. Nobody has the same routine anymore and I am living for it.”

“Anyone else curious to see if Skinner changes her last name for competition? Congrats to her and her beau! I know not everyone understands quick weddings, but they do exist and it does not take away from the validity of the relationship!”